Working While Pregnant: Tips on Staying Productive

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Working While Pregnant: Tips on Staying Productive

As someone who does online work, working while pregnant might be considered easier for you compared to your office counterparts. Not only do you avoid having to commute to and from the office, you also get to enjoy the comforts that only your home can bring.

But this also means that staying productive can be a lot more difficult for a virtual employee like you.

Without a supervisor or manager checking in on your work every now and then, it’s easy to be tempted into checking Pinterest boards and looking at baby stuff or putting your feet up and taking a nap more often. There’s nothing wrong with satisfying your cravings, but it’s also important for you to strike the perfect balance between work and pregnancy.

Here are some tips on staying productive when you’re a VA who’s working while pregnant.


  • Plan your schedule carefully.

Planning ahead makes many situations a lot easier to manage, and the same thing applies here. Try to make your schedule as detailed as possible to make it easier for you to stay on track. Instead of just listing down your tasks, set a deadline for each of them as well. If you usually set weekly goals, try setting daily goals this time around. Breaking down your tasks and goals will help you get more things done in less time and with less effort.


  • Let people know that you’re pregnant.

It’s obviously more difficult for people to know you’re pregnant if your work involves doing virtual assistant services or any other type of remote work. Letting people know that you’re expecting not only helps you make schedule adjustments if necessary and allows your client or bosses to plan for when you take your maternity leave, it’s also a great way to get tips, congratulations, and advice from your coworkers! Spreading the word and sharing your joy will be an excellent mood booster.


  • Give yourself specific baby-related breaks.

Set some time for breaks that are solely dedicated to you and your baby. Schedule a short break for browsing baby stuff on the web, taking care of your food cravings, and dealing with any other pregnancy-related stuff. Make sure you fit in enough time for these breaks in your schedule, and you won’t have any problems staying on top of your tasks.


  • Learn to prioritize and how to say no.

During your pregnancy, your priority should always be your health and your baby’s, so learn how to say no to overexerting yourself at work. If your client asks you to stay up until dawn for a meeting, ask them to reschedule if you want to avoid developing unhealthy sleeping habits. You’ll find that a lot of people are very accommodating if you simply allow yourself to speak up.

Having a baby and being able to work while you’re pregnant are both amazing experiences, so enjoy yourself during this period! As long as you follow the tips above and always prioritize your health and that of the baby’s, you’ll find the perfect balance between work and pregnancy in no time.

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