10 Social Media Marketing Courses You Can Learn for Free

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Social media has steadily grown to become a huge part of everyone’s lives.  It has become so relevant that people even look for information on what to buy or what to eat while browsing through different social media platforms. This is one reason why businesses have tapped the strength of social media to promote their business or their products.

As virtual assistants, it’s common to be assigned to your client’s social media accounts’ marketing strategies. Running different social media accounts for your clients may sound simple, but you need the proper knowledge to properly maximize the potential of social media.

To help you take advantage of social media’s benefits and for you to learn new and effective strategies in social media marketing, here are 10 social media marketing courses you can learn for free.

HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Certification

HubSpot Academy’s certification on inbound marketing covers all basic areas in digital marketing. The course is offered for free, and it tackles important strategies in using social media in marketing your business or service. It’s one of the most popular courses available online as it allows you to finish at your own pace and provides a certificate to add to your resume once your complete the course. Since there are clients who use HubSpot in their marketing campaign, it’s essential for a VA to acquire this certification.

Skillshare’s Introduction to Social Media Strategy

This 45-minute course is useful for beginners who want to know more about social media marketing. It also allows you to use the application Skillshare free for two months to help you establish a solid foundation for your social media marketing plan.

Coursera’s What is Social?

It’s an open online course that caters to business owners, marketing specialists and social media managers who would like to improve their social media marketing strategies to further promote their brand. It’s a helpful course for beginners as it also offers a comprehensive course that presents effective strategies and methodologies to reach your goal.

Coursera’s Social Media Monitoring

This course allows you to learn to listen to what your audience and target market are saying in social media. This is an important part of social media marketing as you want to gather as much information as you can to properly formulate your marketing campaign.

Coursera’s The Business of Social

This course discusses real opportunities to connect social media with different business growth objectives. This focuses more on content and how it can contribute immensely to one’s social media marketing campaign.

Coursera’s Social Media Ethics

Responding and interacting with your target audience is one key element in having a successful marketing campaign. This course specifically targets that area as it deals with ethical behavior in the world of social media.

Facebook Blueprint

Facebook offers this course to help users and social media marketers to learn more about how to use Facebook properly in their respective marketing campaigns. It provides tips and best practices for creating quality Facebook pages and in applying effective strategies to hit your targets.

Constant Contact’s Social Media Quickstarter

Great for beginners, the course provides step-by-step procedures on how to build a strong foundation and make your presence felt through the different social media platforms available today. It’s also an informative course that lets curious marketers test how social media can improve their campaign.

QuickSprout University

If you would like to learn more about social media marketing, it’s a good idea to listen to one of the popular personalities in the field, Neil Patel. Patel offers several courses to tackle not only on social media marketing but also on other components that contribute to the success of a marketing campaign like SEO, Content Building, Content Marketing, etc.

Alison’s Diploma in Social Media Marketing

This is a course that you could finish in 15-20 hours that helps you learn more about the importance of social media and the different effective methods in running a social media marketing campaign, specifically through Facebook and Twitter. What’s great about this course is that it’s free and provides a diploma after you have finished the course.

These are 10 social media marketing courses that you can learn for free. Take advantage of what the internet has to offer and use it to strengthen your career as a VA and as a social media marketing manager.


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