10 Ways to Get Through a Bad Day at Work

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Everyone experiences bad days at work every now and then. Even when you’re doing online work or are part of a virtual staff, feeling particularly unproductive or uninspired every once in a while is to be expected.

Going through rough patches at work is normal, but you shouldn’t let it keep you from being able to make money from home and finish your tasks on time. To help you get through a tough day on the job, draw inspiration from this list of 10 ways to get through a bad day at work.

Take a break.

No matter what the root cause of your bad day is, taking a break is a great way to compose yourself and feel better. Do something that makes you happy even if it’s just a couple of breathing exercises or a game on your phone.

Go for a change in scenery.

Take a walk outside to get away from the stifling atmosphere at home. This is especially helpful if your current domestic situation is the cause of your bad day.

Indulge in comfort food.

It’s not bad to eat something greasy or sweet from time to time, especially if the goal is to make you feel a lot better about your horrible day. Just be careful not to turn it into a habit!

Rant about it to your trusted friends.

Venting your frustrations to your trusted friends is a healthy way to deal with it. Just make sure that you’re talking to people you trust 100% especially if you’re going to rant about something that could potentially harm your reputation at work.

Get sweating.

Even a short, fast-paced workout can release enough endorphins to make you feel better and help get you pumped for the rest of the day. Squeeze a short workout in your day  to see if it can help you deal with your remaining tasks.

Bad days are terrible, but you shouldn’t allow yourself to feel inadequate because of them.

Have a nap.

Naps are perfect for resetting your brain and forgetting about the turmoil you’re feeling, even for a short while. Even a 10-to-15-minute nap can help you become so much more refreshed and feeling positive.

Listen to feel-good music.

Play some of your favorite jams, especially those songs that make you feel really good. Music can lighten up the mood and lift a load off your shoulders.

Have a good laugh.

Do something that makes you really laugh out loud whether it’s watching clips of your favorite comedy series or looking at memes. Having a nice bout of laughter has been proven to make people feel lighter.

Ask for help.

There’s no shame in admitting that you need help. Ask a coworker, your manager, or even a friend or relative for help. Lots of people are always ready to lend a hand if you simply ask them.

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Identify the cause of your negativity and plan a long-term resolution.

All the tips above are meant to help you get through the bad day itself, but you have to determine what’s really causing all the negativity you’re feeling. This will help prevent more horrible days in the future.

If you’re stressed because you’re underpaid, angle for a raise. If you’re feeling bad because you’re overworked, set boundaries to keep that from happening. It’s fine to employ quick fixes to get through the day, but if you don’t have a long-term resolution, these types of days will just repeat themselves.

We hope that the tips above help you get through your awful day and bounce back feeling much better the next day.


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