10 Simple Tips for Those Days When You Don’t Feel Productive

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Finding the energy to work everyday as a virtual office assistant and make money from home can be challenging. No matter how industrious you are, you will encounter days when you just can’t find the inspiration to do your job.

When this happens, what do you do? Trudge on and hope that whatever you produce is decent enough for your client? Or rest until you find the motivation to do your job properly? It doesn’t have to be an either-or situation. There are a couple of simple steps you can take to break out of the rut.

Here are 10 simple tips for those days when you don’t feel productive.

Grab a cup of coffee.

A dose of caffeine can work wonders for a sluggish brain. If you’re careful to drink just enough to be energized but not jittery, you will definitely benefit from a cup of joe. The time it takes for you to brew your coffee can also help your brain rest and refocus.

Take a nap.

Napping when you’re already feeling unproductive might seem counterintuitive, but several studies have suggested that taking naps in the middle of your work day actually invigorates your brain and helps you work more efficiently. As long as you limit your naps to 15-20 minutes every 3 or 4 hours, taking up this habit won’t make you counterproductive.

Write down your tasks.

Sometimes you just need to take in the bigger picture. Writing down your tasks and goals for the day allows you to look at your work from a different perspective and helps you plan out your schedule better.

Chat with some friends.

A nice, lighthearted chat with a friend can help you feel a lot better about your day, so try to squeeze in some time for a quick catchup. When you’re feeling stumped, invite a friend out to lunch. The hearty meal and shared laughter will surely brighten up your mood and help you feel inspired to work.

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Take a shower.

Some people say that their brightest ideas come to them while they’re taking a shower. So when you’re feeling listless, consider hopping under the steady stream of water. A shower can give you a boost of energy so you’re ready to take on the challenges of the workday.

Observe your energy levels and schedule your work around them.

Many people’s energy levels fluctuate at regular intervals during the day. To work around your lethargy, observe the times when you’re most active and schedule to work as hard as you can during those hours. This way, you won’t feel guilty when you’re not working during your periods of low energy.

Work on a hobby.

If you absolutely can’t be productive at work, try being productive with your hobby. Spending time on a hobby makes people feel better about themselves, which is very important for staying healthy.

Unplug and unwind.

Disconnect from the internet and take some time to simply relax, meditate, and recenter yourself. When you’re working all the time providing virtual assistant services, you’ll get bombarded by information and online media. You will definitely need to take some time off from all these to stay mentally healthy.

Pace yourself.

Don’t rush yourself into finishing your work just so you can call it a day. Doing so will only cause you more stress and probably lead you to producing subpar work. Pace yourself at work and accept that some days will be slower and more difficult than others.

Read a book.

Reading a book, especially poetry or works of fiction, stimulates the creative centers of your brain. It induces brain activity of a kind that’s different from the thinking you do at work, and it helps you improve your critical thinking as well.

Feeling unproductive is a normal occurrence for most people. The key to resolving this issue is to not be intimidated by your workload and deadlines, but to remember that this is just a passing thing. Take note of the tips above next time you’re stuck in a rut, and you’ll be out of your slump in no time.


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