20four7VA Reorganization Announcement: Improving Customer Service and Process Efficiency for Our Clients

As part of our ongoing efforts to create an excellent remote staffing experience for both our clients and virtual assistants (VAs), 20four7VA will undergo an internal team structure reorganization this Q2 2023.

Reorganization Objectives

20four7VA initiated the reorganization to achieve two main objectives:

Streamline Processes

After a careful review of the company’s operations, the team identified opportunities to streamline internal processes. Addressing these opportunities will allow us to increase business productivity and provide more efficient end-to-end services to our clients.

Improve Overall Client Experience

20four7VA is and will always be committed to providing our valued clients with the best remote staffing solutions. The company anticipates that this reorganization will result in an improved client experience: from the consultation call and the VA-matching stage to the management of the Client-VA relationship.

How We’re Doing This

Beginning April 3, the following changes will take effect:

Business Development as an Independent Department

The Business Development group will now be separate from the Sales department and function as a standalone department. The team will continue to generate and pursue leads to grow the business.

Restructured Sales Department

The sales department will now consist of the below teams:

  1. The Client Services team will be responsible for consulting with qualified client leads. They will review the potential clients’ staffing requirements to create customized staffing solutions for them.
  2. The Client Endorsement team will handle all Client-VA matching activities, including endorsing shortlisted candidates based on their skills and competencies.
  3. The Customer Support Operations team will ensure all client concerns are handled efficiently and effectively. They will also focus on maintaining the quality of our VA services, which includes VA performance management and attendance monitoring.

Should you need further information, please don’t hesitate to connect with your Account Manager. You may also reach us via the following channels:

Skype Chat: info.20four7va.com
Email: info@20four7va.com
Call: +1 (443) 856-4882 (USA) | +1 (877) 470-8047 (Toll-Free – US & Canada Only)
Business Hours: 8AM – 5PM EST | Monday-Friday

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