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People of 20four7VA- Janine


Welcome to the People of 20four7VA series! Every month, we chat with a member of the team and find out what they do at 20four7VA, what keeps them here, and how they make remote work work.


This month, we’re thrilled to introduce Janine, our motivated administrative virtual assistant (VA) at 20four7VA. Janine plays a crucial role in providing excellent administrative support to her clients.

She is known for her hard work and quality control, ensuring tasks are done to the highest standard. 

Outside of her professional career, she enjoys baking pastries and spending time with her loved ones. Let’s dive deeper into Janine’s story and learn more about her insights and experiences!


What do you do at 20four7VA?

I am a new admin VA in 20four7VA. I currently work full-time with a client who manufactures and distributes LED lights.


What was life like before you started working for 20four7VA?

Before working at 20four7VA, my life was like a rollercoaster ride. The constant struggle of going to work every day is insane: the commute, traffic, preparation, and waking up in the middle of the night just to shower takes too much time. 

I also don’t have enough time to do the things that I love.

What made you decide to become a VA?

The main reason I became a VA is TIME.

I want to be available whenever there are family gatherings, church, and other activities I take an interest in. I’m really thankful to 20four7VA for giving me the opportunity to become part of this wonderful organization.


What made you choose 20four7VA?

I know a person who has been working with 20four7VA for many years now. I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback from her!

I started to follow 20four7VA’s socials, and waited for the right time to finally apply.

How has 20four7VA helped you grow?

20four7VA has helped me become more responsible. Having a good work-life balance allowed me to become more independent and proactive.

What is your favorite thing about working at 20four7VA?

My favorite thing about working here is that I get to maximize every bit of my time. This helps me become productive.

What are the top 3 benefits of working with 20four7VA?

  1. On-time weekly payment
  2. A great support system
  3. Wide variety of clients to choose from


What advice would you give to someone who’s considering becoming a VA?

This is very simple- just be HONEST.


What should a VA do to maintain a healthy working relationship with a client?

If you want to START YOUR JOURNEY as a VA, have MORE TIME for yourself, and LEARN MORE, this is your sign to apply at 20four7VA.

What are your goals for the future and what are you doing now to reach those goals?

Right now, I have a two-year plan- I want to have a pastry shop. I’m saving for it and praying for my success.

What would you like to change or improve at 20four7VA?

I don’t think there’s anything to change at the moment. The company is doing great. We,VAs, are in good hands and being recognized for our work.

Describe 20four7VA in one sentence

20four7VA is a breath of fresh air and the best decision I have ever made.



Thanks for chatting with us, Janine! 😊


Are you looking to jumpstart your VA career? Explore our open jobs or ask us about becoming a VA! We’re always on the lookout for skilled remote workers like you!

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