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Keep your schedule fully booked and well-managed with an Appointment Setting Virtual Assistant.

What is Appointment Setting?


Put simply, appointment setting is going through your list of leads, whether new or old, and setting up a sales call schedule with them. Appointment setters basically connect your marketing pipeline to your sales pipeline.

Selling isn’t an easy task, and ideally shouldn’t be done on the fly or when your lead is in a hurry. This is why appointment setting is very important for a business. Appointment setters can introduce your company to prospects and stir their interest, and create a path for your sales team to close a deal.

While you can choose to have generalists in your sales team and have them do both appointment setting and sales presentations, hiring an appointment scheduling specialist is much more cost-efficient. Appointment setting, after all, can consume a great deal of time.

Hiring specialists can free up your senior sales reps to fill up their calendars with actual conversions. The junior appointment setters can concentrate on qualifying leads more and opening doors for the rest of your team.

There are many different ways you can engage appointment setting services, including hiring an office employee, subscribing to appointment setting companies, or hiring a virtual assistant (VA).

What is an Appointment Setting Virtual Assistant?

An appointment setting virtual assistant is a hassle-free, cost-effective way to have an appointment setting specialist. Hiring office employees are expensive and with a narrow hiring pool. Appointment setting companies are cheaper and more versatile, but you won’t have a specialist dedicated directly to you. Meanwhile, appointment setting virtual assistants can give you the best of both worlds — you get to have your own exclusive appointment setter, but with a fraction of the cost.

What Can an Appointment Setting Virtual Assistant Do for You?

  • Conduct cold calls. Appointment setters should be able to confidently make calls and create inroads with the cold leads they are given.
  • Generate and qualify leads. When leads are especially open, appointment setters should be able to get more leads from their calls and qualify whether or not to contact these second-hand leads.
  • Contact warm leads. Appointment setting virtual assistants should also be able to increase the interest of warm leads in order to transition them toward a proper sales call.
  • Introduce the company and its products or services. Appointment setter VAs should be able to give potential customers a good idea of your product offerings, as well as leave a good impression.
  • Follow up on appointments. Appointment setting VAs should always follow up on customers that haven’t committed to set appointments yet.
  • Handles rescheduling and other related tasks. No-shows and other missed appointments can happen. Appointment setting VAs should be able to handle those appointments and re-schedule them before the potential customer’s interest runs out.

What Skills Do Appointment Setting Virtual Assistants Need to Have?

  • Good communication skills. Appointment setting VAs will give your potential customers their first impression of your business. This is why your Appointment setting VA must be able to communicate clearly and professionally.
  • Good organizational skills. Appointment setters must keep track of all the leads and their different statuses to prevent double scheduling or skipped leads.

How Do I Hire an Appointment Setting Virtual Assistant?


The benefits of hiring an appointment setting virtual assistant are clear. But how can a business hire one? It can be draining to dive into the internet to choose qualified candidates for the role, not to mention time-consuming. Partnering with a trusted virtual assistant company like 20four7VA, with good reviews and a long history of operation can make your life easier.

Whether full time or part-time, 20four7VA can look for VAs that fit your needs, and give you a shortlist of already vetted candidates. All you need to do after getting this list is interview the candidates and pick one, and 20four7VA can even help you onboard and monitor your new VA.

You can schedule a free no-obligation consultation call with 20four7VA to help you identify your needs in an appointment setting VA.

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