Virtual Assistance: Find Out the Advantages of Hiring a VA

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Virtual assistance is a consequence of doing business in a world taken over by emails, smartphones, and social media. As means of communication became faster and easier, customer service also became more challenging.

Now, customers no longer need to come down to a physical store to make their comments known. They can easily type up a 140-character complaint and reach everyone around the world with their negative feedback. People no longer need to visit a shop to try out items and make purchases. With just a few taps on their smartphones, they can finish shopping during lunch breaks at work.

At first glance, this high-tech way of doing business may cast some difficulty in reaching customer satisfaction. Business owners have enough to deal with in running their company. The last thing they need is an impatient market that demands answers straightaway. But it is this call for faster resolutions that gave birth to outsourcing. Like online shopping, virtual assistance has changed the landscape of business significantly.

Company owners who are comfortable with old-fashioned business practices may be reluctant in hiring a virtual assistant or VA.

Here are just a few reasons that hinder some owners from employing a virtual assistant:

  • How can they ensure that the VAs are doing their designated tasks if they are not physically around to oversee things?
  • Will the confidentiality of the company be compromised if instructions and tasks are done solely online?
  • How can goals and tasks be accomplished if the employer relies on employees they work with only virtually?

In order to clear up these doubts, it is best to shed some light on the advantages that virtual assistants bring to a business.

Here are the pros of virtual assistance:

A Virtual Assistant is an Expert in their Own Field

Forget about laboring through hours of training new employees. Now, companies have the luxury of dealing with experts who speak their language. Through the help of various networking and employment platforms, owners can select the best social media marketer, content writer, or web designer from a pool of talents.

Virtual Assistance does not Demand Schedule Coordination

One of the challenges in a traditional office setting is drawing up a schedule that sits well with everyone. This is a difficulty that companies can cross out their list when hiring online assistants. This is true whether a business employs one assistant or a network of VAs around the globe. By simply designating a due date, different tasks can be finished without the staff having to keep a strict work schedule.

VAs Prioritize Confidentiality

The competition among VAs has heightened over time as many people recognize the benefits of earning from home. Because of this, VAs build up their portfolio and network with utmost care. They understand that strictly adhering to confidentiality agreements is a must if they want to be entrusted with a client’s business. Company owners can rest assured that their VAs handle the security of the business as their own.

Virtual Assistance Come with Unique Perks

There are certain bonuses that come with virtual assistance which a traditional office cannot provide. Here are a few examples:

  • Commuting issues are irrelevant. No matter the weather or state of traffic, VAs can work the hours they are paid for.
  • Malfunctioning equipment, intermittent internet connection, and outdated tools – these are just a few things that eat up productivity in conventional offices. Because VAs tap on their own resources, they make sure that their equipment, software, and internet speed work efficiently to give them optimum results.
  • Negative reviews from customers can damage a company’s reputation. The good news is that companies need not wait for the next working day to deal with a frustrated customer. They can exercise faster damage control through DMs or direct messages in social media or instant messaging platforms.

Virtual Assistance is as Flexible as Your Business

Fringe benefits, taxes, and long-term staff delegation – these are just a few things that companies who hire VAs need not worry about. VAs are contract workers and companies only pay them for the number of hours or project they work on.

The list of advantages that come with virtual assistance goes on and on. However, the fact that more and more businesses have joined the bandwagon of hiring VAs is a solid proof that virtual assistance is a worthwhile investment. Will your business reap these advantages today?


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