Tips on How You Can Improve the Quality and Readability of Your Blogs

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Blogging tips are definitely not just for newbies in the blogosphere. They can be great for anyone who constantly hears that voice in their head saying, “no one is reading your blog.” They can be for you when it seems like your website’s stats are screaming for a good boost or even a miracle.

Writing may look easy but it does not take a genius to know that it takes a lot of work before you can hit that “publish” button. A blogging campaign will only be effective if it gives you a wide readership. After all, the readers of your blog are the ones who translate to leads and sales.

According to, “readability is the level to which your blog posts are easy to read out.”

One of the most important factors for improving readability is to make blog posts easy to read and navigate through. Be brief and precise.

Put simply, a readable blog is one with high-quality articles. Quality doesn’t mean that you have to incorporate a lot of complex writing styles into your blog. Just by ensuring that your articles are simple and easy to understand, you can already achieve quality. Here are some tips you can consider:


A blog can’t be called a blog without the textual content. This is why good font and formatting choices should be one of your priorities. If you want your blog to become more readable, you may need to reinvent your choice of font style, size and color. By doing this, you can make your blog more visually appealing and easier to read.


Keeping your paragraphs short is a trick that every list of blogging tips should include. In general, readers are not happy with long and winding paragraphs. Imagine what your readers would feel after reading a long paragraph without pause. Definitely unpleasant right? It’s always best to keep your words simple, short and precise.


Sometimes, no matter how short your article is, readers will still find it difficult to focus on reading the text. A page composed of nothing but text is still challenging, sometimes even unbearable to digest, for readers of all ages. This is where visual aids such as images, graphs, maps and infographics come into the picture. Visual aids don’t just give your readers a guide, they also help keep their attention.


Fitting your paragraphs into a neat structure can help improve the readability of your posts. Have you ever wondered why a book is readable and fun to read at the same time? It is because books are broken down into bits and pieces which make every point and chapter stand out. If you use block quotes, bullets, headings and short lists, your article will benefit as well. These structure your thoughts into a layout that is not only easy to read but also easy to understand.


More often than not, the conclusion is set aside if not completely forgotten. But concluding your article is actually important. If you are not used to writing one, you can start by simply wrapping up the thoughts you’ve laid out in your article. Your last paragraph can also be an invitation for the reader to interact with the post or the blog via the comment box, for instance.

The real trick is to really be serious about giving value to your readers. Readability is all about providing quality content after all. If your audience is interested in what you are talking about, hooking them in will not be that much of a problem.


Do you have a personal list of your favorite blogging tips? Share them with us on the comments below!


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