The Best Checklist App Ever Created? 6 Tools To Try Today

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The Best Checklist App Ever Created? 6 Tools To Try Today

Finding productivity apps that really work for you can be difficult. Part of the problem could be the sheer volume of tools that are available out there. With varying features and purposes, they certainly make it a bit more complex to choose the right one for you.

Of course, that’s an advantage as well. More options mean that you’ll have more chances of finding apps that suit your needs. One of the most common productivity apps that professionals enjoy using are checklists.

Checklist apps are perfect for different types of tasks including admin duties and creative projects. Here are some checklist apps that you’ll find useful for your daily tasks:

Google Keep

Google Keep features the classic colorful sticky notes that’s you’re probably used to. However, these colors are more than just for aesthetics; you can use them to color-code your notes and checklists for easier reference.


WorkFlowy is a great list-making app because of its flexibility and simplicity. It lets you create a single sheet where you can make sub-lists and zoom in on specific list items. Apart from checklists, you can also use this app for interview notes, meeting notes, and article structures. If you’re working with a virtual assistant, this is a tool that could help you brainstorm for projects as well.

Process Street

If you have recurring tasks that you want to be reminded about regularly, you might want to look into Process Street. The app is ideal for those who have a daily routine as it enables them to create a template and set it to remind them every day at their preferred time.


Todoist is a popular checklist app and for good reason. It boasts of a clean and simple interface that makes it super user-friendly. Moreover, it offers other convenient features such as saved searches and custom filters. The app is available on every platform, so accessing your checklists is pretty easy.


NotePlan offers a calendar view of your tasks allowing you to see a complete overview of the tasks you did yesterday, the ones you need to take care of now, and upcoming to-do items. To see the complete checklist for a specific day, you simply need to double click on the date. This will show you an entire window consisting of your notes and checklist items.


Clear is a smart app that lets you know at a glance which tasks you need to prioritize. It has only two levels of navigation: lists and items. Lists contain items that you arrange based on their priority level. The items placed at the top of the list are given darker colors, which means they are of a higher priority. This gives you a visual overview of urgent tasks that you need to take care of as well as those that can still wait.

If you’re getting virtual assistant services, you might want to decide on a checklist app that you and your VA can use together. It will definitely help in boosting productivity and ensuring that all tasks will be covered.


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