How to Set Up Google My Business in 3 Easy Steps

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Google My Business is an essential tool for providing your business a boost in terms of brand and product awareness. What’s good about Google My Business is that it’s free and beneficial to both business owners and customers. It’s definitely a tool that every business should take advantage of.

Google My Business shows accurate information about your business, lets you engage with loyal followers and helps your business attract new customers. To learn more about how it works, here is a guide on how to set up Google My Business in 3 easy steps.

Sign up and choose your business type: Storefront, Service Area or Brand

The first step to setting up your Google My Business account is to add your business and provide necessary and specific information about your company such as your business name and business address. When signing up, you’ll also be asked to choose the type of business you have. Your choices include: storefront, service area and brand. You just have to choose the best fit for the type of business you have. Here are some examples of each business type:

  • Storefront – retail stores, hotel, etc.
  • Service area – plumber, pizza delivery, etc.
  • Brand – product, sports team, band, cause, etc.

The more accurate and specific the information or details you provide, the better can Google classify the business you have registered and display your business listing. Make sure you provide the correct information and the type of industry you are in or the specific service you provide under the category section.

Verify your listing as Google will send you a code

After doing the steps above, Google will verify the information you have provided. The timeframe for verification is around one to two weeks as you would need to wait for a postcard with a verification code that Google with send you. However, you can also receive your verification PIN via SMS or phone call. This is to ensure that the information you put in is accurate.


Once you’ve added your business and have gone through the verification process, your business will have its own Google+ page. Please note that setting up your Google My business page is valuable for SEO and local search optimization. This should be given high importance as this is a huge contributor or factor for your business to be visible online. You definitely want to be visible to your clients and potential customers. It’s also imperative for your My Business page to be updated and have complete information including company photo or logo, business hours, contact details, etc. Every small detail or information you think would help potential customers to reach you and know more about your business should be given importance.

Understanding the benefits of setting up your Google My Business account should prove helpful for your business’ visibility and growth. Maximum visibility is important for your brand or product to reach out to potential customers who do not know that you exist yet. This is one of the first few steps towards attracting new customers.

If you’re not familiar with this process, you may delegate this task to your virtual assistant or virtual secretary who would be glad to do different admin jobs like setting up and managing your Google My Business.


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