7 Types of Businesses You Can Start at A Minimal Cost

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If you’re dreaming of starting your own business but have run out of ideas, or you don’t know where to start and don’t have a large amount of money to establish one, here are some business opportunities that you can look into.

Here are 7 types of businesses you can start at minimal cost.

Selling used books

There are two ways to do this. If you have accumulated a lot of books over the years, you can start by selling your own stash of secondhand books. Another option is to buy cheap used books and resell them through different e-commerce websites like Amazon. You can also make a name for yourself by selling unique, limited edition or rare books. You can visit garage sales and book sales in your area and gather interesting books that you think would appeal to a specific market.

Logo design

If you’re the artistic kind, you can give this a try. You can offer your services to other businesses that are just starting up. They would likely need a company or business logo, and that’s where you come in. You can advertise and offer your creations and skills through Fiverr. Once your business grows or the number of your clients increases, you can hire virtual assistants who are skilled in graphic design or logo creation to help you out with this. This is one way to expand your business without losing any customers.

Social media management

You can start a business by offering to manage another business’ social media accounts. You can hire virtual admins who are up for these kinds of admin jobs. Many small business owners would likely take this offer. Managing and running social media accounts take too much time and resources that business owners would definitely want to outsource or hire people who are competent and skilled in this field instead.

Pet care

You can try pet sitting. Start off by offering your services to friends, neighbors, and relatives. This perfectly targets families or individuals who are busy with work or would be going on a vacation and leaving their pets behind for a few hours or for the weekend. To learn more about the business know-how and to gather tips and wider audiences, try joining organizations that are made up of professional pet sitters. Once you provide a premium service, word will get around and you can expect your business to grow and expand.

T-shirt printing

You may need to spend money on printers and materials initially, but there are many packages that are affordable for budding entrepreneurs. It’s a plus if you’re skilled in graphic design. If not, you can always hire a virtual assistant who is skilled in this area to help you with designs you can use in your customized shirt business. You can also contact businesses or companies that need uniforms for their staff or prints for marketing materials.

Food delivery/personal shopper

If you have a car or a motorcycle, you can offer purchase-and-delivery services from establishments that don’t have a delivery service yet. You just need to charge them for the purchase and delivery. You can buy groceries for your customers and deliver it right to their doorsteps. This provides customers with a convenient delivery service of their desired product or food item that are not available directly from certain shops or restaurants.

Customized crafts and personal creations

If you’re skilled in the arts, this would probably be a great business opportunity for you. From customized arts and crafts to customer-requested trinkets and designs, this is an opportunity for you to earn from what you love doing. You can easily sell items that you create through your own website or through Amazon and eBay. There are two ways of doing this, you can sell items you create with your own designs, or you can take in orders for customized items for special occasions.

Those are the 7 types of businesses you can start with minimal cost. What’s important here is that you formulate a sound business plan and determine if your business is feasible. Set targets and see if they are doable. But don’t forget to take risks and experiments as well. Take advantage of the power of social media; advertise your products or services via different social media platforms as you want to be as visible as possible to potential customers.


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