How Packaging Design Can Help Create a Winning Product

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How Packaging Design Can Help Create a Winning Product

Product packaging greatly affects purchasing decisions. In the supermarket, consumers spare only a few seconds to choose which products on the shelf they’re going to buy. Their decision is often processed with a quick consideration for the packaging, so you should prepare your products to make a good first impression.

The design of your packaging is similar to the exterior of a building. It sets your expectations on what’s inside, and you respond to it based on the judgment you’ve formed about the facade. The same thing goes for consumers who look at a product and ponder if it can satisfy their needs.

Packaging design could make or break your brand. That is why aside from creating a great product, you need to ensure that it comes in an eye-catching (in a good way) packaging too.

One of the biggest struggles when coming up with packaging design ideas is finding a good graphic designer to execute them. For a specific project like this, you might want to consider looking for a freelancer or a graphic designer virtual assistant. Here are a few tips to make recruitment a breeze:

  1. Choose between a generalist and specialist designer

There are different specialty areas in the design industry including web design, branding, print, packaging, and so on. During the interview process, you should inquire about the designer’s experience in product packaging design specifically. Find out the various techniques they’ve used, the materials they’ve worked with, and the industries for which they’ve created a packaging design before. Be meticulous because there are tons of intricacies, for instance, in selecting a printing process.

  1. Have a look at their portfolio

This will give you a good idea about their style. If it’s too distinct or unique, you should make sure that it’s still in line with your own branding. On the other hand, you can confirm with the designer if they are willing to be flexible and come up with a packaging style that you want. Many designers have an online portfolio, so you should definitely check those out before reaching out to prospects. When you finally have the chance to talk to them, ask the right questions to gauge their expertise, creativity, and experience.

  1. Determine if the cost is reasonable

Figuring out if a designer is under or overpriced can be tricky, and usually, all you have is your intuition to rely on. If a designer is charging less than the industry average, they may be working on a ton of other small projects on the side and probably won’t be able to prioritize you.

On the other hand, if a designer is overcharging, you might want to check if they’re really that good. Try to assess the designer’s price in relation to their skill level and years of experience. Moreover, make it clear from the get-go if the project will be billed by the hour or at a fixed rate.


Your product packaging should be appealing, but more than that, it should also make sense so that consumers will choose your product over others. Hiring a skilled and experienced graphic designer can help you achieve this.


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