Why Entrepreneurs Need Exercise (and 3 Ways to Get It Even While Working)

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Many entrepreneurs often have the mindset that nothing is more important than their business. In many cases, this translates to them forgetting to take care of their physical and mental health.

More and more entrepreneurs have been neglecting their physical health in order to give more time to their work. However, lack of exercise can be detrimental in more ways than one. When you’re not physically at your best, you’ll find that you’re more lethargic, you get tired more easily, and you eventually become less productive.

Why exercise is important for entrepreneurs

Working out a sweat won’t just give you an amazing figure, it will also benefit all aspects of your health — physical, mental, and emotional.

When you exercise, your brain power gets a boost. The increased blood flow to your brain helps get your creative juices flowing, so it’s great to schedule a workout right before a brainstorming session with your staff.

Exercising also improves your energy levels, so you get less tired and you’ll find yourself raring to get more done. Exercise also improves your sleep, so your body will feel even more refreshed and ready to tackle on more work for the rest of the day.

On top of all those benefits, exercising regularly also helps you become more productive. Having a regular workout schedule helps remind you of other things that you need to accomplish. Coupled with the energy boost that you get from your workout, you’re sure to get the job done more easily and more efficiently when you add exercise to your routine.

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3 ways to exercise even while working

One of the biggest hindrances that entrepreneurs face is finding time to squeeze in a workout session in their schedules. With all the things that you need to do, it can definitely be difficult to find enough time to exercise.

To help you fit a healthy workout into your schedule, check out these 3 tips on how to exercise while you’re on the job.

Bike (or walk) to work.

Biking, walking, or even running to work is a great way to multitask. Not only will this allow you to exercise on your way to work, you’ll also get to avoid a boring morning commute or save money on gas. Just make sure to hit the showers before coming into your office so you’ll feel energized, refreshed, and ready to tackle the long day ahead.

Have walking meetings.

Instead of just sitting in a conference room for a meeting with one of your staff members, consider a walking meeting. Take a walk around your office building or in a nearby park as you discuss ideas or resolutions for issues at work. You’ll even help your colleague or staff member squeeze in a workout within their workday too.

Use a desk exercise equipment.

There are plenty of exercise equipment nowadays that are specifically made for the office. From treadmill desks to under-desk cycles, hand exercise balls to stability cushions that you can just strap onto your chair, you’ll hardly be pressed for choice when it comes to desk exercise equipment. Pick out one or two that target different areas of your body and get your workout going while you work!

With these tips, you won’t have any excuse not to incorporate regular exercise into your life. If you need any more motivation, just remember the benefits of working out mentioned above. 


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