How to Effectively Repurpose Your Content in 5 Easy Ways

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Repurposing content has multiple benefits, and one of them is reaching a new set of audience. A lot of times, your original content may have missed certain groups of online users. However, when you re-invent this existing content and promote it in a different channel or with a different audience in mind, you can definitely tap new people.

It is best to repurpose content that is most liked by your customers. This gives you confidence that the information you’re providing is something they need or are interested in. It can also boost your website ranking in Google especially when you repurpose your content outside your own website.

We could go on and on about the advantages of repurposing content, but this won’t actually help if you have no idea how to properly do it. Check out these five effective ways to repurpose your content.

  1. Turn blog posts into podcasts.

Some of your audience may not have the time to sit down and read, or others might simply prefer listening as this enables them to multitask as well. To cater to this type of people, you could convert your useful blog posts into podcasts. Remember to check the tone of the article and edit if you must in order to suit the new medium. You can also hire a voice talent or get someone in your team who can do a nice recording.

  1. Use interesting statistics as tweets.

Long, in-depth articles with statistics and numbers do not easily attract most online readers. These pieces can be too much to process given the usually short attention span of people when they’re on the internet. However, by writing them as tweets, you can grab the attention of your audience and give them the main info they should know. Ask your social media virtual assistant to include a link to the actual article as well so that those who are deeply interested can get the full details.

  1. Make infographics out of your PowerPoint presentations.

Infographics are easily shareable content. They are visually appealing and straightforward, so if you have interesting facts or insights in your presentations, you might want to create infographic versions. This could also work if you have tons of internal data that could be useful to your audience.

  1. Upload your visual content on Pinterest.

Sometimes blog posts can be image-heavy. In this case, you might want to post the photos you have used on your Pinterest account. You can ask your virtual assistant to create Pinterest boards — this will surely drive traffic to your website or blog.

  1. Produce webinars or videos based on your articles.

Videos are really starting to create some buzz especially on social media platforms. Take advantage of this by creating a video format of your blog posts or articles. You can also opt to make webinars, which can also help increase your authority.

Have you tried any of these repurposing tactics? Share with us how it worked for you and how you tracked their effectiveness.


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