Email Marketing: How to create a customer profile

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An effective email marketing strategy is essential to the success of any business. However, taking care of emails could be difficult if you have to do it on top of other important things related to growing your enterprise. That is why it is usually more productive to hire a virtual assistant to help with your email marketing.

Finding professional virtual assistant services can be tricky, but once you have found a competent virtual assistant who’s right for your needs, developing a marketing plan would naturally be easier.

One of the first things you need to consider is creating a customer profile. By doing this, you can picture your audience more clearly and therefore generate emails and content that are more relevant to them.

Creating a customer profile

There are five simple steps to develop a customer profile. Work through this process and you’ll eventually see positive and significant results from email marketing.

  1. Use their demographics to describe your customers.

Know the basic things about your customers: their age, gender, income level, preferences, etc. This will help you learn about their main similarities and the type of audience you’re talking to. It’s easy to get these kinds of information through your sign-up process. However, be careful in asking for a lot of details as this can backfire and actually scare people off.

  1. Find out the places they frequent.

This could be a physical location or a cyber space where they usually hang out. For instance, in the case of geographic location, you can use geolocation when sending emails to people who are in a specific area. You can offer deals from stores or restaurants that are near or within your customer’s location. Targeted emails like this typically get a higher open rate because these tend to easily pique the interest of the recipients.

  1. Understand their purchasing behavior.

You can get an idea on your customers’ purchasing process by studying their past purchases. Review the reasons why they bought your product or service: What were their needs and how did the product or service benefit them? Also, do they make purchases on impulse or does it take them a day or two before making a decision?

  1. Reach out to your current customers.

Communicate with your current customers and get insight on why they chose you over your competitors. You can conduct interviews or quick surveys to ask them about things like why they bought your product or signed up for your service, why they continue to do so, what else could be improved, etc.

  1. Create personas.

Personas make your customers seem more real and known to you. They are more identifiable, and this makes it easier for you to envision who they are and what they need. By focusing on these things, you can create more interesting content for them, craft more relevant emails, and gain their trust.

Remember that email marketing is not just a matter of sending updates to your customers. Utilize this to really connect with your audience and you will certainly get amazing results if you consistently deliver relevant email content.


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