How to Communicate with Your Customers in Case of a Power Outage

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Powerful storms, earthquakes and other natural disasters are inevitable, and they may cause an unexpected power outage that could have a massive effect on your business operations. One essential part of your business that will be severely affected is communication.

Since communication is important in keeping your business running, any amount of downtime can have a negative impact on your operations. To cut the losses for your business when the unexpected happens, here are some tips on how to communicate with your customers in case of a power outage.

An operational voice mailbox

If you’re unable to answer calls or messages from your customers, your company can still continue to receive important messages through an operational voice mailbox. This allows your business to automatically receive calls even when there is nobody available to answer or when there’s a power outage. Your staff may not be able to answer your customer’s’ concerns immediately as simultaneous communication is not possible, but at least you can get back to them once power has been restored and all systems are up and running. This also gives you time to explain the situation and give your customers assurance that their concerns will be attended to promptly.

Social media platforms

With almost everybody hooked into some type social media, businesses can utilise this medium to communicate with customers even if there’s no power. Systems may go down, but the line of communication through the social media will not. Social media is a tool that can be used to broadcast updates and messages of comfort and security for your customers. Frequent status updates allow your customers to feel comfortable and secure knowing that your business is on top of the problem and is doing it’s best to face this type of challenge.

Redirected calls

To keep your customers updated and out of the dark, you can assign a contingency plan to have calls and inquiries be handled by your virtual secretary or virtual assistant. Since they will be working remotely, and probably overseas as you outsource this service from virtual assistant companies, it would be highly unlikely for them to experience the power outage that your business is experiencing. This is also one advantage of hiring virtual assistants. They are always available, and if they encounter the same problem as yours, there will always be a way for them to work around this as there is always a contingency plan in place in the event of a power outage or an internet connection problem.

Keeping your customers updated and letting them know that you’re in control is every business’ goal whenever an unfortunate event takes place. Power outages may be inevitable and unexpected, but that should not be a reason for your company to lose money or customers. Boost customer confidence by being honest with them and understanding their concerns whenever an outage occurs.


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