How to Celebrate Women’s Month in Your Remote Team

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Women celebrating women's month


March is Women’s History Month, a time to celebrate the achievements and contributions of women throughout history. It’s also a great opportunity to recognize and celebrate the women in your remote team.

When working remotely, it can be challenging to get the message across. But with a little effort and genuine commitment, you can clearly make this month extra memorable and meaningful for your remote team.


Let’s explore why and how to celebrate the women in your remote team during this important month.


Why Celebrate Women’s Month in Your Remote Team?

Women’s Month is not any ordinary holiday. Celebrating it in your remote team is an excellent way to honor the women you work with. Plus, it also helps promote diversity and inclusion, it allows for opportunities to recognize the valuable contributions and unique perspectives of women in the virtual workplace.


Promotes diversity and inclusion

By celebrating Women’s Month, you are acknowledging the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. It’s a way to show your team that you value and appreciate the different perspectives and experiences that women bring to the table.

Celebrating the contributions of women in your team can also have lasting effects. It paves the way for a future with a more diverse and inclusive workplace. “As a female business leader and a mother of a young woman myself, I am hopeful that the efforts of women across the globe will make a lasting and positive impact,” shares 20four7VA President and CEO Catherine vanVonno. “I look forward to seeing more and more successful women being celebrated in their chosen fields.”


Boosts team morale

Remote team celebrations and events can boost team morale and develop a sense of camaraderie among members. It’s a chance to take a break from work and have some fun together, which can improve team dynamics and overall job satisfaction.


Fosters a sense of community

Celebrating valuable milestones and events like Women’s Month can bring your team together and foster a sense of community. can sometimes feel isolating, but celebrating Women’s Month can bring your team together and foster a sense of community. It’s a chance to connect and bond with your team members, even if you’re miles apart.

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Ideas for celebrating Women’s Month in your remote team

Stuck on what to do? Here are some ideas on how you can celebrate this important month within your remote team.


Recognize accomplishments

One way to celebrate the women in your team is by recognizing their accomplishments. Highlighting their contributions is not simply showing appreciation for a job well done but also for the value they bring to the table.

Numerous reports have shown that women tend to downplay their achievements. By being the first cheerleaders for this demographic of your team, you can encourage them to become more confident about their work. Doing so can mean they can be better at advocating for themselves and becoming more visible, both important for professional growth.


Of course, there are different ways to accomplish this. It’s important to understand your employees’ personal preferences for recognition. Consider choosing one or combining a few employee recognition efforts below:

  • Public acknowledgment and appreciation: During your regular team meeting for the month, take the time to publicly acknowledge the achievements of female team members. Whether it’s exceeding productivity targets or suggesting an innovative idea, doing this sends a powerful message of recognition and support.

You can also do this on a bigger scale, perhaps during a segment in your company’s virtual town hall where you have a bigger audience. This aids in making female employees more visible to leaders and decision-makers of the organization, which can help increase their chances for promotion or other career growth opportunities.

  • Personalized recognition notes: Some employees may prefer a more personalized approach. You can send customized recognition notes or emails to the superwomen in your team, specifically citing their accomplishments and the impact they’ve made.
  • Virtual awards and recognition programs: As part of your Women’s Month activities, you can set up a virtual awards and recognition event. Creating an event dedicated to women can make the month even more meaningful. Plus, having awards that are specific and well thought out, like “Innovation Leader” or “Top Collaborator,” provides tangible recognition for the work and can bring a sense of accomplishment for their work thus far. The awards can be based on criteria set by management, peer nominations, or a combination of both.
  • Feature accomplishments in company newsletters or blogs: Showcase the accomplishments of women in your remote team by featuring them in company newsletters, blog posts, or social media channels. Aside from celebrating their achievements, it also shows how the organization values them. Additionally, external recognition showcases your company’s culture of celebrating excellence and embracing diversity.


Organize events

Setting up events centered around empowering and celebrating women encourages valuable interactions and discussions. Virtual events are a great way to get everyone in the remote team involved, regardless of where they reside. However, when possible, you can consider having offline events to give a chance for the distributed team to get together in person.

You can organize a women’s month-themed virtual event with below activities to celebrate the incredible women in history and your team:

  • Start a book club highlighting female authors and creators
  • An interactive night focused on female historical figures
  • A charity drive for a cause that’s important to women (e.g., Women’s Day Fun Run, volunteer work, etc.)
  • Workshops covering allyship, unconscious bias, and other topics relevant to gender equality and inclusivity
  • Virtual watching parties for documentaries or films highlighting women empowerment

And while Women’s Month is primarily focused on celebrating and empowering women, make sure to encourage every member of the team to join the activities—including men. Men’s participation in the month’s activities promotes allyship, strengthens team dynamics, and allows for understanding and empathy.


Provide professional development opportunities

Celebrating the women in your team for their current achievements and contributions is a must. But to truly help empower them, you must also offer support through professional development opportunities. By equipping them with tailored programs, you help them realize their potential and reach their career goals, truly allowing for a more diverse and inclusive culture.

Below are some professional development activities you can execute for the women in your remote team:

  • Offer career advancement resources and training programs
  • Access to mentorship and coaching programs for women leaders
  • Invite female speakers for events and workshops
  • Clear criteria for promotion and career movement
  • Opportunity to join networking events 


Tips for making the most of your Women’s Month events

The success of your Women’s Month festivities depends on various factors. But make sure you keep the following in mind:


Plan ahead

To ensure a successful virtual team event, it’s important to plan ahead. Set a date and time that works for everyone. Plus, don’t forget to send out invitations and any necessary information well in advance.


20four7VA staffers at the 2024 Women's Run

20four7VA staff participated in the 2024 Women’s Run in Manila, Philippines


Encourage participation

Encourage your team members to participate in the virtual team event. You can do this by sending out reminders and creating a fun and engaging atmosphere during the event. This will help ensure that everyone has a good time and feels included.


Use interactive tools

There are many interactive tools and platforms that you can use to make your virtual team event more engaging. For example, you can use platforms like Kahoot or Quizlet for virtual trivia games or use breakout rooms on Zoom for smaller group discussions.

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Beyond the month of March

Celebrating the efforts of women in the team shouldn’t have a time frame. Even in the modern labor market, women still face unique challenges that can affect their employee experience. It’s crucial for employers to be consistent in providing the support women need.


Acknowledge achievements

Recognizing and appreciating their accomplishments helps boost morale. By highlighting their successes, you empower women to be more confident, advocate for themselves, and strive for further professional growth. Consistently acknowledging the achievements of women in your remote team also promotes a supportive environment that values everyone’s contributions.


Create a culture that promotes work-life balance 

Studies show that in comparison to men, women are still doing most of the domestic and care work on top of their professional responsibilities. Juggling too many things both at home and work can lead to burnout. 

Business leaders must be able to recognize the unique struggles of women and find ways to offer support. Make sure to build a culture that promotes work-life balance by encouraging the following:

  • Creating and respecting boundaries
  • Providing parental leave for both parents
  • Encourage self-care practices
  • Promote mental health awareness
  • Offering a flexible work setup


Build a culture of inclusivity

Creating an inclusive and diverse workplace isn’t an overnight thing. You need to be observant and address any actions—whether conscious or subconscious—that go against your inclusivity goals. 

  • Amplify their voices and encourage female participation in meetings and discussions
  • Provide equal opportunities for women
  • Establish metrics for inclusivity and diversity
  • Document clear rules surrounding DEI in your company handbook
  • Solicit feedback from the women in the remote team about their experiences and suggestions
  • Educate all employees – training on various topics, from unconscious bias to inclusive language and allyship


While executing Women’s Month activities for a remote team can be challenging, it’s still possible. With genuine effort and excellent planning, you can create a meaningful experience and build a more inclusive workplace.

It’s also important to remember that celebrating the amazing women in your team shouldn’t be done in a single month. Your proactive approach to empowering women and encouraging gender equality should be a continuous daily effort. 

Cheers to all women across the globe!


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