The Benefits of Using Google Keep

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In the world of virtual assistance, it’s important to keep valuable information on the go. One tool that virtual assistants can use is Google Keep. A note-taking service developed by Google, Google Keep helps virtual assistants store and remember important notes while they do their duties.

To give you an idea of what Google Keep has in store and how you can use it in your everyday tasks, check out the following benefits of the tool.

It’s easy to learn and use

You don’t need training to use Google Keep. Once you’ve learned the basics of the service, you can easily master it in less than 20 minutes! It features an interface that’s easy to understand and navigate. This means that you can easily view the lists, notes, and images you have stored. This feature is beneficial for someone who is unfamiliar with the service. Since it’s a simple service that’s easy to learn, you won’t take you too much time figuring it out. You can immediately apply and use it to help you finish your tasks quickly and on time.


You’ll never miss a deadline or a client call again. Google Keep allows you to set pop-ups to remind you of meetings, tasks and other important things you previously set. Simple alarms are nothing compared to Google Keep’s reminders. The reminder ensures that they get noticed and remembered. A pop-up up appears on the scheduled day and time. The reminders can also be set to remind you once you reach a specific location, a useful feature when you’re traveling. And since it can be installed in your mobile gadgets, these reminders will prompt you both on your browser and your mobile phone.

Voice notes

Tired of typing? Voice notes can do the trick. Google Keep’s voice note feature is easy to use. Just tap the mic button and then speak. Once you stop talking, the service converts what you said into text. Together with a transcript of what you said, comes the audio file. This feature provides an alternative for busy individuals to take note of important details. When your hands are full while doing some tasks, you can use this feature to store important notes for future use.


If your task includes transcribing texts from photos and other images, then Google Keep can be a useful tool for this. Google Keep has the capability to transcribe text from photographs. Once you upload the image, a prompt will appear to ask you if you want to grab the text’s image. By doing this, Google Keep will transcribe the text for you and you’ll be also provided the opportunity to edit this text.

These are some of the benefits you can take advantage of when using Google Keep. Since it’s readily available for your browser and mobile gadgets, you can use it anytime and anywhere. Taking notes may be taken for granted by some, but it’s a key element in keeping yourself updated and reminded of upcoming tasks, and important meetings. Making Google Keep as your online checklist and reminder tool is a wise decision.


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