How to Reap the Benefits of eCommerce Virtual Assistant Staffing

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Benefits of eCommerce virtual assistant


Consumer behavior is constantly evolving. From learning to socializing to shopping, it’s clear that today’s consumers are getting more comfortable going digital.

And as eCommerce grows, so does the competition. This means business owners need to be smart with their time and find different ways to grow their businesses without spreading themselves and their resources too thin. This is when maximizing the benefits of eCommerce virtual assistant staffing comes in handy.


Common challenges faced by eCommerce business owners

In 2021, online retail sales amounted to almost 5 trillion dollars globally. And according to Statista, this figure is “expected to exceed seven trillion U.S. dollars by 2025.” But as global online sales increase, so does the competition. This means eCommerce business owners face many challenges to be able to survive and even thrive in a cutthroat industry. These are just some of the online business owners face:

Too many hats = unmanageable workload

Every hands-on business owner wears many hats. While the dedication is admirable, taking on too many tasks can be difficult to sustain. Handling everything, especially time-consuming and low-level ones, will definitely be challenging for even the most determined entrepreneur. Additionally, being in a very crowded and competitive industry can put extra pressure on eCommerce business owners.

Loss of focus on customer satisfaction

“Get closer than ever to your customers,” advises Apple’s former CEO and co-founder, Steve Jobs. “So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.” This means providing excellent customer service is key to gaining new customers and keeping existing ones.

However, this is easier said than done. eCommerce business owners may be too busy with running the operations side of their business to actually focus on delighting their customers. They need an extra set of eyes and ears to make sure they’re providing the right customer experience.


Online retail sales forecast


Difficulty in finding the right talent

When eCommerce business owners do want to add more people to their team, they have to compete with other employers in a tight labor market. Not only do they have to invest time and energy in the recruitment process, but they also need to battle with other employers, both small businesses and larger players, to hire the right talent.

Aside from the tough competition, eCommerce business owners who choose to hire in-office staff can only access a small talent pool. Choosing to recruit people from a specific location can be limiting, especially when hiring for specific skills and with a set budget.

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Not enough time and resources for growth planning

eCommerce business owners would love to see their business grow. But that can be difficult to do without the right resources and staffing. With too many things to do and plenty of hats to wear, owners may find it difficult to focus on strategic growth initiatives. While their current operations may go smoothly, not having enough time to strategize may stunt their growth.

Wellness can take a backseat

Becoming one’s own boss can involve a lot of sacrifices. eCommerce owners’ well-being tends to take a backseat when they’re busy running their businesses. And with plenty of things on their plate, they may also have difficulty managing the stresses and pressure that come with the territory.

Of course, these are just some of the most common examples of hurdles that eCommerce business owners go through regularly. If you’re in eCommerce yourself, you should be all too familiar with the different challenges that can hinder you from running a successful business.

Luckily, there’s a way you can address these different challenges without breaking the bank! Hiring virtual assistants (VAs) can help you run your business more efficiently while staying on budget and taking care of your personal well-being.


How virtual assistant staffing can help eCommerce businesses

An eCommerce VA is a remote professional who helps business owners manage their workload, regain control of their time, and get a step closer to their business goals. They can handle a wide variety of tasks so their clients can focus on their core responsibilities.

Benefits of eCommerce virtual assistant staffing

Hiring virtual assistants for your eCommerce business can benefit your business while helping you regain control of your time and care for your well-being. These are the top benefits of adding VAs to your eCommerce team:

  • Regain Control of Your Time: It’s tough having to do everything by yourself. With a VA, you can delegate low-level tasks to manage your workload. Doing so can help clear up your time and mind to focus on the more important things, like growing your business and taking care of yourself.
  • Improve Customer Experience: A skilled VA can help you meet your customer’s needs and expectations. They can take over time-consuming tasks such as handling customer inquiries and logistics coordination.
  • Access to Global Talent: VA staffing allows businesses to hire the right talents at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, VAs are remote professionals, so

What can eCommerce VAs do?

From general administrative tasks to more industry-specific ones, eCommerce VAs can help their clients cover a lot of ground. Below are some examples of the tasks they can clear off your full plate:

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Making the most out of virtual staffing

Hiring an eCommerce virtual assistant will help free up more of your time and energy. To make the most out of this excellent alternative staffing solution, you need to be clear about your needs and create an engaging and productive virtual workplace. Here’s a helpful guide on how to make the most out of your eCommerce VA:

Finding and hiring your eCommerce VA

The first step in your virtual staffing journey is the recruitment process. This process should include the following:

  • Assessing the tasks and responsibilities you want to delegate
  • Identifying the skills and qualifications for the role
  • Creating and posting a clear job ad
  • Screening applications
  • Scheduling and conducting candidate interviews
  • Administering skills assessment or test tasks
  • Character reference checks
  • Creating a job offer
  • Other recruitment-related tasks

Finding and hiring the right eCommerce VA takes work. If not done well, you may end up hiring someone not the right fit for the role. To help you avoid this and save even more time, you can work with a reputable remote staffing company like 20four7VA. We have remote staffing experts who will help you find the most suitable VA based on your staffing requirements and business goals.

Onboarding and training virtual assistants

For 20four7VA Customer Support Manager Johan Castro, onboarding is crucial for a successful VA staffing journey. He says, “The onboarding phase is when the VA can be familiarized with the tools and software used by the client, their day-to-day tasks, and, of course, the goals or KPIs.” Johan also adds that a good onboarding process is the start of a great working relationship between a VA and their client.

Make sure to check off the following items from your VA onboarding checklist:

  • Fulfillment of essential HR forms or paperwork
  • Company introduction and discussion of policies
  • Provide access to relevant programs
  • Training on tools and software
  • Systems check and cybersecurity training
  • Introduction to team
  • One-on-one with immediate superior
  • Expectation setting
  • First task assignment and assessment


Benefits of hiring an eCommerce VA


Setting up clear communication channels

An excellent working relationship starts with clear and open communication. To enable clear communication between you and your VA, you need to choose the right communication tools (e.g., email, chat apps, project management software).

Choosing the right apps will allow you to delegate tasks effectively. You’ll be able to give clear instructions and guidelines both verbally and in writing. The right platforms will help ensure nothing gets lost in translation, whether you’re doing regular check-ins and feedback sessions or assigning a new task to your VA.

Aside from the right tools, it’s important to also have the right mindset. You need to encourage everyone, including your VA, to be open to feedback and welcome feedback yourself. Fostering a culture of open communication and trust will build better working relationships and increase collaboration and more creative problem-solving.

Monitoring and evaluating performance

Another way to help reap the benefits of eCommerce VA staffing is by regularly monitoring and evaluating performance. Aligning the performance metrics and goals with your VA is not just a one-time thing. You need to use these metrics when evaluating your eCommerce virtual assistant. Having measurable and realistic goals will help your VA better understand how they’re being assessed and how their work can impact the business.

When providing feedback, be objective and refer to the agreed-upon metrics. It also helps to be constructive and supportive with your VA to help boost their morale and encourage them to do better.

Continuously improving and optimizing virtual assistant staffing

Just as with any business strategy, your virtual assistant staffing journey will always have room to improve. It’s essential to be open to feedback from your VAs to see if any adjustments can make the different processes more efficient and seamless.

Consider actively seeking feedback from your VAs on various things, from the software they use to the training they want to undergo. At the same time, clients should regularly review and update their processes and procedures to identify and address any gaps. Doing these things can help the business stay remote, work-friendly, and stay competitive in a highly digital marketplace.

By harnessing the power of eCommerce virtual assistant staffing, businesses can unlock numerous benefits, including cost savings, increased productivity, and improved customer service. With the right approach to hiring, training, and managing virtual assistants, eCommerce businesses can stay competitive and thrive in the ever-changing business landscape.

For top-tier eCommerce VA services, partner with a reputable remote staffing agency like 20four7VA. We can help you find and manage the most suitable eCommerce VA so you can regain control of your time and focus on your executive responsibilities. It all starts with a free, no-strings-attached consultation call with our Growth Experts. Book now!


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