7 Frequently Asked Questions about Email Marketing

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7 Frequently Asked Questions about Email Marketing

Email marketing may not be the ultimate solution for all businesses, but it is certainly an essential aspect of marketing that you need to focus on as well. If you’re keen to learn how to make money online, using emails to communicate with your customers is a good step to let them know more about your brand and to build better relationships.

Here are a few questions often asked about email marketing:

  1. What is email marketing all about?

Email marketing is an online business marketing method that involves communicating with your customers and prospects through email. It’s different from “spamming” since prospects have to opt in or request to receive newsletters from you before they become part of your mailing list. Spam messages are typically used by companies who buy email lists and blast out emails to thousands of people hoping that someone would be interested in their product or service.

  1. How do I start email marketing?

Before starting your email campaign, you need to establish your goals and think of what you want to achieve with your emails. Then, you have to build your email list and select the types of email campaign you’ll be sending to your subscribers. Ensure that you have the capability to measure the results of your campaign in order to gauge their effectiveness.


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  1. What is the best software to use for email marketing?

The best email marketing software depends on your business, so there really is no one service that suits all kinds of needs. That’s why your choice should be based on what your company wants to accomplish. Pricing is also a great starting point when comparing different email marketing services.

  1. Which converts better: short or long emails?

This depends on what you are trying to accomplish. However, if you’re going to send a long email, make sure that it has a compelling story that will get the user closer to the click. Also, don’t forget to include one call to action in your email.

  1. How often should I send emails?

Sending emails several times a week, preferably once a day, would be great. This scenario is easily achievable if you have a virtual assistant who can work on your email campaigns specifically. Nevertheless, you also need to ensure that you’re sending out content with real value.

  1. How can I improve open rates?

Start from the root: make sure you have a clean email list. Your prospects should know who you are, and to a certain degree, they should trust and like your brand. Apart from that, you can improve your open rates by writing a good subject line and body copy.

  1. What are email marketing best practices?

It may seem that you have to wrap your head around a lot of things, but there are a few big ones that you need to keep in mind from the start. One is to ensure that you’re building a list with people who actually want to be there. Two is creating quality content and consistently providing value to your subscribers. Three is being comfortable in asking for the sale while ensuring that you’re not overdoing it.

With these practical tips and basic information about email marketing, you can surely start your campaign with confidence.



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