6 Tips on Writing Product Descriptions that Sell

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Product descriptions are essential to any website. When written well, they provide customers with useful information that will guide them in making a decision or even push them to make a purchase. Moreover, product descriptions are basically web content that you can use and incorporate in your SEO efforts.

You don’t have to personally do all the writing, though. It can be especially hard to focus on this project if you have hundreds of products on your website. In this case, you can turn to virtual assistant services for your content. Find yourself a content writer virtual assistant who will create all the product descriptions for you. If you can, find someone with plenty of sales experience so that they’re skilled at enticing customers to buy your products.

If you only have a few products that need descriptions and you have the time and drive to write them yourself, here are seven tips on writing good product descriptions:


  1. Talk to your buyer persona

A buyer persona is an imaginary customer who represents your target audience. They embody the demographics and specific characteristics of the people who need your product or are likely to buy it. When writing, it usually helps when you imagine yourself talking to someone. This is where your buyer persona comes in. Imagine that you’re talking to an actual person so that you can create a personal connection with them through your writing.


  1. Define the tone of voice you’re going to use

Your buyer persona can help determine this. Typically, it’s best to use conversational language and match your tone of voice with how your customers speak. This makes it easier for them to read and understand your content.


  1. Make a list of all features and benefits

Come up with a comprehensive list of the features and benefits of your product. This will help you focus on the points that your product descriptions should cover. It will also guide potential customers in knowing if a particular product is the right one for them.


  1. Write a draft

Create a framework or flow of information to be included in the product descriptions. For short descriptions, you might want to start with the most important features and end with the least important ones. If you have a long list of features and benefits, you might want to categorize them and use subheadings.


  1. Edit your content to boost persuasiveness

Go over the first draft you’ve written. Check for typographical errors, grammar, and tone. Make sure that you have covered all the essential details. If you think you can make it sound more persuasive, don’t hesitate to make the necessary adjustments.


  1. Optimize your product descriptions for search engines

Remember how you started by writing with your buyer persona in mind and using the words and phrases they use? Including these words and phrases in your product descriptions is a simple way of optimizing your content because these are the phrases that your target audience type on search engines. Doing this can help increase your website ranking in Google and other search engines.


Keep in mind that your product descriptions shouldn’t sound robotic or lifeless. Make them as engaging as you can so that potential customers will really take the time to know more about your products.

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