5 Ways to Boost Security for Your Small Business

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Small businesses often think they are safe from break-ins or cyber attacks. The common thinking is that criminals are more likely to target larger companies with potentially bigger earnings. However, many criminals may actually be more interested in small businesses due to their lack of sophisticated technology or security measures that giant corporations typically arm themselves with.

Less-equipped small businesses can be seen as an easier target for online and offline security threats. Fortunately, you can take steps to prevent financial and reputational losses. Here are five ways to boost security for your small business.

Prioritize cybersecurity

If you’re storing a lot of information online, you need to ensure that these are protected. Data theft and cyber attacks can be costly so make sure to establish at least minimum security for your digital assets.

Educate your employees about what makes up a strong password. If your office assistant has access to your online accounts, let them know how to add an extra level of verification or authentication as well. If you’re working with a virtual assistant who handles social media management, ensure that you’re sharing login details through a secure channel.

Regulate access to data or equipment

Make sure that there’s a procedure in place when employees are obtaining equipment. Maintaining a log or limiting the number of authorized individuals can make it easier to track activities. If an employee is leaving your company, ensure that they return any keys that have been entrusted to them. In case you lose of track of the people with keys, you might want to consider changing your locks to be sure.

Shred important documents before throwing them out

Many transactions today still leave a paper trail. If you don’t have any use for these documents or they have become invalid, it’s best to dispose them in order to free up storage space in your office. Make sure to shred documents that contain sensitive, financial, or personal information. If you can recycle some of these papers, all the better.

Check the security in your office or building premises

Regularly check your office or building for potential security issues. Ensure that your doors, windows, and locks are in good condition. Make it a team effort by encouraging your employees to report irregularities or suspicious events.

Prepare a response plan

You and your staff should know how to handle break-ins and security breach. Train them and provide them with a response plan so that they’ll know what to do during such incidents. Knowing the protocols, your employees will feel empowered and assured that you’ve taken measures to ensure their safety too.

It’s a huge risk to neglect setting up security for your small business. Even though there are no imminent threats right now, you never know when your company will be targeted by criminals. Also, keep in mind that it’s not only you or your business that you should be worried about. If you have on-site staff or employees who perform duties outside office premises, it’s important that you ensure their safety as well.

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