3 Small Business Success Stories in 2016

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Are you the owner of a startup? Or are you currently running a small business? If you feel that your business has gone stagnant or that it has not been growing as steadily as you wanted, worry no more. Here are 3 small business success stories in 2016 that can challenge you and inspire you how to run your business in the future.


Founded by Talmon Marco, Juno is a ride-sharing service that was launched in 2016. Juno is a small business that took Uber and Lyft head on in one of the busiest metropolis in the world: New York City. What’s astonishing about Juno’s strategy is that they listened to all the negative comments made against their rivals, Uber and Lyft and strategized from it.

They didn’t only listen to passenger grievances, they also took into consideration the voices of Uber drivers as well. Juno took it upon themselves to focus on their drivers. While Uber and Lyft’s drivers are contractors, Juno has decided to give some of their drivers the chance of being employees. This has led to some drivers from their rivals to transfer and try Juno out. Looks like the company’s motto, “happy drivers, leads to happy riders,” is paying off.


 Nanit is the creator of “baby monitors that think” — an innovation in the baby monitoring industry. Considered as the “Tesla of baby monitors” that has the capability to observe and classify sleep patterns and behavior of a baby. It uses a camera with learning technology to capture everything during a baby’s sleep, be it movement, sound, behavioral patterns, parent interventions, room temperature, humidity, etc. It’s like having a real life babysitter/psychologist monitoring your baby 24/7.

What’s also great about it is that it sends reports to parents on how well their babies have slept and gives suggestions on how to improve or maintain good sleeping habits of their babies. Though challenges in manufacturing have been encountered, the potential of this product is limitless. The key ingredient in making this concept work was the decision of the company to listen to the needs of the parents and the curiosity and willingness to help parents provide quality sleep to their young ones.


Starry is the first of its kind, another innovation that has practical uses that you’ll wonder why this product just arrived recently. Starry is a touchscreen Wi-Fi station that boosts Wi-Fi signal at home or at work. It also provides real-time information on the quality of the signal, how many devices are connected, and a visual of the username and password of your Wi-Fi. This device also allows parents to manage their kid’s screen time to assist with parental control. All of these functions come in one small touchscreen gadget. The Starry station Wi-Fi router has exceeded expectations as it impressively delivers simple solutions to every household’s problem with their internet or Wi-Fi connections.

These are just some of the few small businesses who had success stories for 2016. The common denominator for their success was that their company listened to the needs of the customer and provided simple but effective solutions to them. Don’t be afraid of taking risks — this was also a key element in helping their products and ideas push through.

Just like with your business, you can try out hiring virtual assistants from virtual assistant companies or staffing agencies to help you run your business and propel it to new heights. These professionals will work with you and grow with your company as well. With the vast pool of talents and perspectives, they will always be ready to provide the help that you need; from marketing to operations, brainstorming to business strategies you may not be aware of. Don’t be afraid to experiment, follow your gut and take risks.


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