10 Powerful Productivity Hacks for Small Business Owners

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Every small business owner aims to push for the growth and expansion of their business. To do this, you need to make the most of your time and push your employees to be productive and efficient. Below is a list of 10 powerful productivity hacks for small business owners that would be helpful in boosting staff productivity and eventually, business growth.

Limit your time on social media  

Some studies  have shown that spending time on social media has an effect on productivity. Though different studies show different results, it’s understood that spending too much time on social media is unproductive. Some employees use social media as a mental break. While it’s okay to do this, it’s best to make sure that these breaks last 15-20 minutes or even less. By trying to limit the time being spent on social media, you can keep employees focused on the task at hand.

Be early 

Going to work early enables you to set the tone for the day. You get to prepare your workspace without any pressure, and you feel more relaxed. Going to work early may also mean fewer people in the workplace which means there would be less or no distractions, and that sets the perfect atmosphere for productivity. If you decide to go to work really early, make sure you’ve had enough sleep too.

Properly manage your inbox 

Spending time in cleaning and organizing your inbox will lessen the productivity of your day. Make sure your inbox is properly managed at all times to avoid this. You can have your virtual secretary or an office assistant properly organize your businesses’ inbox so it’s easier for you to read and reply to messages in a timely manner.

Take a break 

No, this is not your typical lunch break or social media breaks. Take a break from sitting down and working in front of your computer every once in a while. Do 5 to 10-minute stretches to keep your blood flowing.

Eat snacks 

Working on an empty and grumbling stomach is not a good idea. Go and eat healthy snacks while you work throughout the day. This will keep you energized and awake. Eating healthy food packed with fiber and vitamins will keep you awake and focused on dealing with different tasks for the day.

Employee motivation

 Always keep track of your employees’ morale. Productivity starts with a positive attitude. It’s always a morale booster and a large motivational factor to receive commendation from your supervisor or directly from the business owner. Hear out employee grievances and suggestions. When employees feel that they matter, they become more motivated to help the company to grow and succeed.

Set targets the night before

 Before ending a shift, plan the day ahead. This includes a summary of the targets you want your team to meet the next day. By doing this, important tasks are highlighted and prioritized, and you ensure that the workforce is on the same page.

Take things one step at a time 

Focus on one subject matter or task at a time. In some instances, multitasking just prolongs the job and compromises the quality of work. Meeting targets systematically and chronologically depending on the urgency is one of the best ways to be efficient and productive. Seeing your targets being met one at a time throughout the day is both satisfying and motivating.

Shorten your meetings

 Plenty of time is wasted during long meetings. Make your meetings short by strictly following your meeting agendas. You can also conduct meetings during lunch. This saves time and makes the meeting more lively and interactive.

Hire a virtual assistant  

 You can outsource your work and depend on remote staffing. You can hire virtual assistants as this will not only save you money and resources, it will also save you from doing tedious jobs. This allows you to spend more time on other equally important things like planning to expand your business and looking at different business opportunities.

By following the steps above, your workplace will be filled with efficient, motivated and goal-oriented employees. When your team is focused on being productive not only for themselves but for your company, your business is sure to grow exponentially.


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