10 Marketing Mistakes That You Shouldn’t Be Making

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As a small business owner, you might think that a big budget can guarantee the success of your marketing efforts. News flash! It won’t.

Having a lot of cash to burn for marketing might give you tons of flexibility and a variety of options, but it doesn’t mean that you won’t fail. A small marketing budget can go a long way if spent wisely. One way to ensure that you do that is by avoiding these silly marketing mistakes.

Not Having a Concrete Marketing Plan

A good marketing plan will serve as the blueprint for the success of your business, so not having one is a mistake. You have to sit down with your team and discuss your plans and marketing strategy.

Being Too Shy to Promote Your Business

Marketing is all about promoting your business. If you are too shy to do it, you’re missing out on the chance to gain more customers for your business.


You don’t want to put off your customers by throwing your products and services in their face every chance you get. There’s always a right time and right place for promotions.

Creating a Poor Website

Your website is a reflection of your business. If it’s not good, customers will assume that your products or services are subpar as well. To avoid this, make sure that your website has an excellent design, a fast loading time, a mobile-friendly interface, and SEO-friendly content so that it can get a high website ranking in Google.

Not Having a Blog

The amount of time people spend online is continuously increasing. That’s why having a blog should be a crucial part of your online business marketing strategy. With its help, you have a platform to publish your content, which helps get your message across to your target market and ultimately drive more people to your website.

Failing to Identify Your Consumers

You have to make sure that you know your target market. Otherwise, you’ll be spending your time and energy marketing to people who won’t even give your products or services a glance.

Failing to Identify Your Brand

If you’re selling something, there’s a big chance that you’re not the only one who’s selling it. That’s why branding matters. You have to separate yourself from the rest of the pack. Make sure that your audience will remember your name and that they will think of something positive every time they do.

Poor Customer Service

Customer loyalty doesn’t happen by chance. To achieve this, you have to show that you can take care of your customers. Provide excellent customer service by promptly replying to their emails or messages and resolving their issues or complaints.

Not Using Social Media

Social media is a platform where you can share your content, connect with your customers, and expand the reach of your business. Find the right channel for your business and then hire a social media VA who can manage and create content for your social media profiles.

Not Requesting Feedback from Customers

Sometimes, your customers know more than you. They’re the ones consuming your products or services, after all. Make sure to always use different platforms like social media or email to get their feedback. Your customers might have an idea or two when it comes to improving your business.

Do you have any marketing mistake to add that small business owners can avoid? Share it with us!


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