10 Best Ways to Use Instagram for Your Small Business

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Instagram wields a kind of power that could result in great benefits for your small business. The best thing about it is that the big leagues aren’t the only ones who can utilize this social media app to their advantage. In fact, Instagram is one of the best online marketing strategies for small business owners today. And there are many ways to use Instagram for your small business.

By knowing the different features that Instagram has to offer and trying new strategies, you could also launch your own Instagram marketing tactics to success. Not sure how to do it right? Check out these tips on using Instagram for your small business.

Cultivate a following

Gain followers organically and cultivate a relationship with them. Direct your Instagram posts to them and ensure that these posts are relevant to their lives. This way, you can gain their trust and establish your brand. You don’t need to upload photos everyday, but make sure that you show up on their feed consistently.

Have a mix of fun images and photos from your own business

Come up with a list of different types of pictures that you can upload. Memes, cute photos from other users, lifestyle photos, product photos — it’s up to you what you think would work for your brand. The important thing is to create enough variety so that your followers won’t get saturated with the same kind of images.

Use videos and Boomerang

Instagram has been more flexible, and it’s not exclusive to photos anymore. Make your feed more interesting with videos that are nicely done or by using Boomerang.

Create your own Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is gaining some traction, so just like videos, it would be best to try using this feature as well. Make your followers curious and wanting more; be extra creative.

Engage with your followers and other users

Reply to comments left by other users, like posts that are relevant to your brand, or follow people back. Always make it a two-way street; this will make customers remember you more easily because there was a direct and personal interaction.

Host contests

Come up with a fun contest on Instagram and make sure to associate it with a specific hashtag. This will increase your engagement as the number of your followers will also go up. You don’t need to give super expensive prizes; gift cards or special discounts would be fine.

Optimize your IG profile

Include sufficient information about your brand on your Instagram profile. It doesn’t have to be a lengthy paragraph; try to encapsulate what you are about in one sentence. Don’t forget to put the link to your website too.

Link and promote your IG on other social media

Cross-post on other social media platforms and let your followers know that you are also active on Instagram. You might want to hire a virtual assistant to handle social media management for you because this task will require some effort and time.

Tap influencers

Find influencers who will serve as your brand ambassadors. You don’t need a popular personality with millions of followers. Sometimes the most effective influencers only have thousands of followers, but their following is pretty solid and can give you conversions.

Take a shot at Instagram Ads

For a small business, Instagram Ads is affordable. It lets you reach a wider and more specific audience. Getting started is also simple; you won’t get lost in a maze full of technicalities.

Instagram is definitely an awesome platform for small businesses to be known, and it doesn’t cost much even when you consider advertising on it.



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