VA Spotlight: Jeannilyn

  Marketing virtual assistant (VA) Jeannilyn, or “Jen,” is a social media expert who has been with 20four7VA since 2020. She has worked with eCommerce entrepreneurs, coaches, and podcasters [...]


VA Spotlight: Mariz

  eCommerce virtual assistant (VA) Mariz won our Core Value – Respect award at last year’s Thanksgiving Townhall. Mariz has been with her client, an Amazon seller, for over four years [...]


VA Spotlight: Joji

  While talking to Joji for this feature, it quickly became apparent why she won the Commitment to Excellence award at our 2021 Thanksgiving Townhall. A proud mother of two with years of [...]

VA Spotlight: Jhocyn

  Jhocyn is an Advanced-level Amazon VA, now working as a Customer Service VA for an eCommerce business. She’s not new to the virtual world, as she started working as an online freelancer in [...]


VA Spotlight: Genevieve

  Genevieve, or Gene, has been one of our most dedicated eCommerce VAs for almost three years now. She has had two 20four7VA clients with who she was able to share all her eCommerce [...]