Ways Your Network Can Help You Be a Better VA

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Ways Your Network Can Help You Be a Better VA

For someone who works remotely, networking remains an integral part of career development. The contacts, whether clients or fellow VAs, you accumulate along the way can be key to securing your next job. Maintaining healthy professional relationships with people who also know the ins and outs of your industry is useful for getting new career opportunities for both office and virtual staff.

But your network doesn’t just serve as your connection to another job, they can also help you become better at your current one.

Here are just some of the important ways your network can help you be better at your job.

They can help you get familiar with a new task.

Client gave you a new task you don’t know how to tackle? Maybe someone you know has already faced a similar one. Utilizing your network to become familiar with a new task is a great idea as long as you’re also happy to help them out when it’s their turn to learn a new task.

They can point you to the right person or resources.

Even if you don’t know anyone who’s done your new task before, your network can still help you by putting you in touch with someone they know who has had previous experience on your task. They can also give you reading or video resources if they don’t have the time to teach you personally.

They can give you useful feedback on your work.

Asking feedback from someone who is also familiar with the industry is immensely useful. Not only can they provide you with intelligent comments, they can also give you their honest opinion on how your work fares with the current industry trends.

They can provide you with fresh ideas or perspectives.

Stuck on a rut? Going through a creative block? You can count on your network to provide you with a fresh point of view and a brand new set of ideas to get you going. Sometimes, all you need are fresh eyes to resolve an issue that you’ve been having trouble with for a long time.

They can be an excellent source of industry knowledge.

You don’t have to always rely on blogs or online information to know the latest trends in your industry. Sometimes, the best source of knowledge is just a call or a chat message away. Your network also keeps themselves updated on industry news, so it would be a good idea to catch up with them and share what you know with each other.

Whether you work in an office or from the comfort of your home, maintaining strong professional relationships is always important. Networking isn’t just useful when it comes to landing new jobs or getting new clients. Your network can also help you become so much better at your current job, so don’t hesitate to reach out to them! Remember, cultivating long-lasting relationships with your network is a lot easier when you talk to them on a regular basis. So let them help you out and volunteer to help them out as well. This mutually beneficial relationship will help you strengthen your friendship and boost your career at the same time.


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