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Whether you’re a seasoned virtual assistant or a newbie, you will find that you need to destress once in a while. Working from home can be pleasant, but there’s so much more to it if you scratch beneath the surface. You may have the comforts of being at home and the glorious freedom that comes with it, but this does not guarantee a smooth sailing workflow everyday.

Being a virtual assistant while tackling obligations in the household means that everyday can be a balancing act. You are expected to fulfill the tasks that are set by your clients and still the able to take care of your family. Before you burn yourself out, manage stress from the get-go. This will save you from the mental and physical health damage that it causes.

A visit to the spa or a trip to a gorgeous destination may sound like the best solution to your woes. However, these options may not be the most practical especially if you are sticking to a budget. But who says you can’t de-stress without paying a fortune? Here are some great tips to de-stress without breaking the bank:

  1. Find comfort in humor.

    Laughter is said to be the best medicine, and as cliche is it may be, it’s actually very effective. Try reading jokes online or watching funny videos on Youtube. These are great ways to remind you that even when the going gets tough, there’s still a reason to laugh and feel carefree.

  2. Listen to your favorite music.

    Music therapy is said to have a direct effect on the mind. When you are feeling overwhelmed, avoid loud music. Instead, listen to chill music like Bossa nova, jazz, ambient, classical or religious and inspirational tunes. This will help uplift your spirit in no time.

  3. Take a walk.

    If you have rambling thoughts and you want to clear your head, try taking a walk. Expose yourself to greenery and lush scenery if you can. This is a sure way to ease feelings of tension.

  4. Exercise.

    Release feelings of aggression by working out. You don’t need a gym membership for this because there are many free exercise videos online. It’s just a matter of putting your mind and getting your back into it.

  5. Meditate.

    Meditation will help you find a sense of calm. Find some quiet time during the day to solely focus on you breathing while entertaining positive thoughts.

  6. Talk to your best friend.

    Venting out to a trusted friend is a great stress reliever. This is most effective if your friend has a funny bone. Talk and reminisce about good times to create feelings of warmth and pleasant nostalgia.

  7. Have a spa at home session.

    Deep condition your hair, do your nails, or create facial masks made out of natural ingredients. There are many inexpensive homemade recipes. Invite your friends over and have an instant spa at home party.

  8. Read a good book or watch a movie.

    The easiest way to destress is to curl up with a good book or watch a movie. Either way, make sure you have a snack on hand and you’re sure to have a relaxing session.

  9. Get crafty.

    Invest in cheap craft materials or take advantage of craft store sales. In your spare time, you can release tension by creating art. If you don’t know where to start, begin by working on adult coloring books. It’s such a hit these days and it’s not hard to see why.

  10. Sleep.

    Rest and recuperate. The reason why stress escalates can also be lack of sleep. Get 6-8 hours of sleep each day, and make it a habit to have a consistent sleeping pattern. Avoid caffeinated and sugary drinks before bedtime to have continuous sleep throughout the night.

The key to avoiding the feeling of burnout is being self-aware. Check yourself once in awhile and acknowledge that you need some downtime to rest and destress. Taking care of yourself will ultimately save you from life’s stressors so you can feel happy and fulfilled.


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