Top 5 Most Useful Chrome Extensions for Virtual Assistants

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Working as a virtual assistant means that you need to be resourceful. Using various tools and resources can help a lot in making sure that you finish your tasks promptly. But with so many extensions and programs available for virtual assistants to use, it can be hard to decide what to keep and what to skip.

To assist you in looking for tools that will significantly help you accomplish your tasks with flying colors, here are the top 5 most useful chrome extensions for virtual assistants.


If you’re a virtual assistant who uses plenty of sites to work on projects or if you handle more than one client, then this chrome extension could be the answer to organizing your browser’s tabs. Toby allows you to manage the tabs that you use so you can access them in an orderly manner. You can set different categories for the different tabs that you use. This is useful for online work or admin jobs because normally, you use the same tabs repetitively. So to avoid wasting time in loading each tab one by one, you can access your favorite list to open them all at the same time.

You can also organize tabs in connection with the different projects that you do. You can put separate sections for inbound marketing, online selling, social media management, etc. This prevents you from forgetting important sites and resources that you need to complete your tasks.

Scheduling meetings or interviews is a common practice when you’re a virtual assistant. However, there are challenges to this even if it sounds simple. The usual problem in setting up conferences, interviews or meetings is that the availabilities of both parties often don’t match. And because of this, there’s an inevitable, counterproductive exchange of emails or messages between the two parties. allows you to set meetings effectively through one email. Once you set the date, time and duration of the meeting, all the recipient needs to do is pick a date they’re available. Once this matches the dates you chose, the meeting will be automatically set. This saves time and resources for simple scheduling tasks for your client or for other virtual assistants.

Full Contact

This chrome extension is useful if you directly work in inbound marketing or are in constant communication with clients or customers from different parts of the world. Full Contact is just like any other tool that helps you send out emails, determine who has opened them and when they opened them, etc. One thing that sets it apart from the rest is that it also allows you to know where your contact is located. This helps you to schedule emails properly.


If you’re working within a team and you need constant coordination and communication on a specific task, then this extension can be the answer. Hiver allows teammates to share emails and projects among team members through labels. It’s similar to Trello but the cool thing here is that you don’t need to go to another tab to send notes or to mark a task as complete. You can do this in any tab that you’re working on. This saves you time in communicating and coordinating with teammates and your client.

Dropbox for Gmail

If you constantly send and receive files and attachments through your Gmail account, Dropbox for Gmail helps you attach files easily. While composing your email, you can choose and attach files straight from your Dropbox. This way, you don’t have to leave your email tab when you attach numerous files for clients and customers. This makes it easy for a virtual secretary to send documents to their clients without any delays.

These are just a few Chrome extensions that VAs can use in communicating with clients and working on their tasks. These useful extensions help boost a VA’s productivity and efficiency. Once you get a hold of these extensions, you’ll realize that previous tasks that you felt were tedious are really easy. With the comfort that these Chrome extensions bring to the table, you won’t feel burned out again.


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