10 Free Social Media Marketing Tools for Virtual Assistants

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Social media has proven to be a powerful medium in promoting businesses, services, and even products. As a virtual assistant or a virtual employee assigned to handle different social media accounts of clients in different platforms, it is important to know about and understand the different tools available for VAs to use for social media marketing. To assist you in this aspect, here are 10 free social media marketing tools for virtual assistants.


One of the most popular tools used in social media marketing is Hootsuite. It’s a free tool that helps ensure that the social media account that you manage does not become dormant. With Hootsuite, you can connect to different social media accounts from different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn and even Google+. One main feature of this tool is a way to schedule posts with your different social media accounts. You can respond to posts and questions from Hootsuite too.


Similar to Hootsuite, Buffer allows scheduling of posts for your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts. Once lined up in the queue, you can easily make revisions on the post itself or on the specific date and time you want it to be posted. You can schedule recurring posts and create images in the tool as well. Although the free service only allows 10 posts in one queue, you can easily do away with this if you decide to upgrade. But if 10 posts are more than enough for your social media campaign, then this free tool is for you.


Mavosocial is huge. Like other social media marketing tools, this program also allows you to schedule posts beforehand. What’s amazing about it is that it can hold or connect up to 50 social media profiles on 6 social networks plus it has a campaign planner and a library of stock and custom images you can use, and these are all for free. This is useful for clients who have numerous social media accounts and  are aggressive in their marketing campaign.


Every social media marketing campaign needs good graphics and catchy banners to attract potential customers. Canva can help you with that. Canva is easy to use and it has a vast library of images, fonts, and templates you can choose from. You can say that this tool is arguably easier to use than Adobe Photoshop.

Likeable Hub

This tool allows integration and scheduling of posts from Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. What makes it more likable is that it’s free. It also offers analytics, reporting, email support and a database of numerous ideas for social media posts.


Specifically for Twitter accounts, this tool allows in-depth account management. It doesn’t have limitations on how many Twitter accounts you want to integrate. If your client is into Twitter marketing, Tweetdeck would probably be the best tool to use as it also offers post scheduling and even streaming.


TweetReach is the ideal tool for Twitter marketing campaigns, TweetReach is one of the best when it comes to monitoring the success and the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. You can also discover how successful one tweet is and how many people it has reached.

Social Mention

Running a social media marketing campaign also needs proper research. Why not use a tool that combines both? Social Mention allows you to determine the top keywords, website, and hashtags. From this information, you can base your social media marketing strategy. It’s also one of the more popular listening or monitoring tools for social media mentions.


To be successful in the social media marketing game, you also need to monitor and know your competition. To help you with this, HowSociable allows you to monitor the success and impact of your competitor’s social media presence. With this knowledge, you can carefully map out a strategy to improve your social media marketing campaign.


You can monitor your Twitter, Facebook and blog accounts through IceRocket. What’s fascinating about this tool is that you get to monitor the performance of your social media accounts in 20 different languages and see how it fares globally. This is big if your client intends to go global.

With the 10 free social media marketing tools mentioned above, it would be easier for a virtual assistant to manage a client’s social marketing campaign. Choose which tool fits the business plan and campaign strategy of your client. Once this is established, expect a smooth sailing social media campaign for you and your client’s business.


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