Top 10 Tips Every Virtual Assistant Should Know

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A productive, dedicated and reliable virtual assistant is what clients are looking for. As a VA, these characteristics are also considered to be essential in building up your career. To help you become a successful VA, here are the top 10 tips every virtual assistant should know.

Know your skills

Before considering a career as a VA, it’s important to be able to identify the skill set that you have. This not only helps you “sell” yourself to clients, it also allows you to gauge if you’re qualified to meet the demands of different clients and different tasks. This also helps you understand what areas or skill sets you need to improve or study on to further yourself and your career.

Check your hardware

Being a virtual employee means that you’ll be working remotely using a computer connected to the internet. Having the correct equipment is equally as important as having the correct skill set for the job. Make sure your computer is capable of meeting the demands of your tasks. This also includes the speed of your internet connection. These things are critical as they have a direct effect on your performance and the quality of work you’ll be providing.

Attend trainings

It’s important to know that learning is a never-ending process. Immerse yourself in training courses that you think would make you better with your current job and possible future tasks. There are lots of online training courses that are free and available online. You can set a date and time for these types of training that fit your schedule. Consider this a form of investment.

Assign a designated workplace

Working from home sounds easy, but it’s actually a complicated matter. You want to have a good working environment with no or few distractions. You can achieve this by setting a designated workplace away from visual distractions and noise.

Find your edge

You may have all the skills a client needs, but it’s also best to develop a particular skill that you can call your specialty. This provides you an edge over other VAs as you can label yourself a specialist in a certain field.

Be prompt

Being prompt is a no-brainer. This shows that you respect your client and colleagues and that you value your work. Being prompt means that you need to attend to client calls and interviews, submit reports, and finish specific tasks on time or before the deadline given to you. This shows professionalism and dedication that every client will appreciate.

Be respectful

Be courteous in every transaction or relationship that you have. Have a level of respect for all people you interact with. Be it clients, customers or co-workers, respect should always be present. Sometimes clients can get impatient and VAs should always understand and deal with this scenario with patience and respect. Your career can go a long way as most clients also value how their VAs respond to them and to their customers.

Exceed expectations

It’s good when you meet deadlines and do what you’re assigned to do. But if you want to stand out from other VAs, try to go the extra mile. Exceeding expectations from time to time will help you leave your mark among your clients, customers, and co-workers. Clients will always remember the type of service and results you provide especially if it exceeds their expectations.

Set you own “fixed” schedule

Working as a VA means that you can work flexible hours; it’s one of the perks of being a VA. However, you can also set your own schedule so that you have a core routine to follow. This allows you to budget your time properly as you schedule your day without compromising your work and the out-of-work activities or chores you still need to attend to.

Be up to date

Be aware of the current events and trends especially if they are related to your job. Keep up to date with new tools that you can use to help you finish tasks timely and accurately. With the growing demand for virtual assistance, there has also been a growth in different applications and tools used to make life easier for both clients and virtual assistants to do business. Being informed about these developments allows you to explore other tools and applications that can boost your performance and your career.

By following the 10 tips mentioned above, you can expect your remote working experience to run smoother. With these tips, you can also improve your productivity and have a better working relationship with clients, customers, and co-workers. This is essential as it will lead to the improvement of your VA career.


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