How to Set Smart Goals This 2017 — and Actually Achieve Them

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The New Year offers a fresh start for everyone in the virtual assistant industry. The beginning of a whole new year can create so much positivity and excitement, so usher in 2017 with renewed hope and goals that are attainable.

As a virtual assistant, setting new goals can help you feel inspired and motivated even when the daily grind of your online career gets hectic. It’s always a nice feeling to have something to look forward to. Think of goals as rewards. When you work hard, you reap the perks. Best of all, you get a sense of fulfillment. After all, all work and no play makes a person lose their vigor, and you definitely wouldn’t want that. Here’s how to set up smart goals for 2017:

  1. Take time to reflect.

Take a look back at the previous year and do a comprehensive review. Get started by making a list of your accomplishments and a list of your shortcomings. By doing so, you get to be reminded of the things that require your focus to ensure growth and improvement. More importantly, it will help you realize the goals that you’d like to achieve this 2017.

  1. List down realistic goals.

Before you go crazy and make a list of goals with wild abandon, stay reasonable and realistic. Some goals may seem exciting, but don’t allow yourself to get carried away. In addition, make your goals as specific as possible. For example, your goal this year is to have a vacation. Narrow it down and be as detailed as saying that your goal is a beach trip to El Nido Palawan with the family or a vacation to see Disneyland in Hong Kong with the kids. This makes the goal more attainable and more importantly, you get a mental picture that will keep you motivated.

  1. Make a timeline. 

Another tip to make any goal achievable is by making a timeline. This can be done with the help of journaling. Have a monthly journal that can help you organize all your tasks and at the end of every month, you can tick off all the things that you have achieved. Do it every month and see how much you can accomplish. In terms of goal setting, set deadlines for your goals. For the El Nido, Palawan trip for example, make it time-specific and say that it must be achieved by March of 2017. 

  1. Work on steps in achieving them.

It’s great to have goals but if you do not work on them, then there’s no point in setting goals in the first place. Take for example the El Nido, Palawan trip. For this to happen, saving and proper planning must be done. A percentage of your salary must be placed into a travel fund. You must also plan ahead and search for airfare deals and hotels that correspond to your budget. Goal setting is one thing, but taking action is another. Work on your goals by doing the necessary steps each day.

  1. Remind yourself of these goals and review them every so often.

It’s easy to lose track of things because of your hectic schedule. Be reminded of your dreams by listing them in your journal. It’s also important that you discuss your goals with someone that you trust. It could be your significant other, a close relative or your best friend.

Have someone remind you of your goals so you continue to stay motivated and on track. Have positive and like-minded people cheer you on, and do the same for them.

This 2017, make your goals not only exciting but meaningful as well. You have the freedom to define your own meaning of success. As a virtual assistant, you too have the power to make these goals a reality. Good luck and may this 2017 be a year of good fortune and prosperity!


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