10 Unusual Tips for Falling Asleep That Really Work

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Online jobs require virtual assistants to have shifting schedules. Because of this, the sleeping patterns of VAs may become out of sync. It may be harder to fall asleep because of an irregular sleep pattern, and not having enough rest can be detrimental to one’s health and well-being. If you find yourself having a hard time getting some shut-eye, then try these unusual tips for falling asleep fast:

  • Read a book.

    Try picking up a book that doesn’t really seem all that appealing to you. A book about botany, perhaps? Find a book that will perpetually bore the living daylights out of you until you just give up and doze off.

  • Call a friend who is self-centered.

    Not only are you being such a good friend by checking up on this particular person, you are also going to be able to hit two birds with one stone. If you have that one friend who likes to talk about themselves all throughout the conversation, try listening to their repetitive egoistic chatter. It just might help you get a step closer to dreamland.

  • Study a new field of knowledge that you have zero affinity with.

    It’s great to learn new things but make sure you learn something that you do not fancy one bit. If you are the sporty type and you have no crafty side to you, try learning about pottery or knitting. Get at it then bore yourself out.

  • Listen to classical music.

    According to studies, listening to classical music can help put some to sleep. This tip isn’t that weird but it can help you get relaxed quickly. Just avoid the load ones. In addition, classical music is such classy genre that you must also learn to appreciate. Listen to loud and progressive ones too while working and see how it affects your productivity in a positive way.

  • Eat bland food.

    Tasteless food just won’t do anything for the senses. Try munching on them and drink warm milk. This will help you relax and drift off to sweet slumber.

  • Watch infomercials on repeat.

    Yes, those annoying infomercials can come in handy. Watch them on repeat. Memorize their lines and bore yourself until you have had enough.

  • Stare at a blank wall or a fish tank.

    You might look like a crazy person but yes, this trick is quite effective! Clear your mind and just stare at a blank wall or better yet, a fish tank with some pretty aquatic pet fish. This will sooth your mind from worries and stress.

  • Pray

    Prayer is another version of meditation and calm. Let this be the time where you express your gratitude and make it as solemn as possible. Burn candles to amplify the serenity and mood. This will calm you down in no time.

  • Watch a vintage foreign film with no subtitles.

    Now this may surprise you but this trick does wonders for some. Find a movie with bad reviews and make it a foreign one with no subtitles. Yes, it’s the fastest way to bore you out and make you want to reach for your pillows to snooze. Pretty soon, you’ll fall asleep.

  • Inhale some essential oils.

    Try lavender, chamomile and vanilla and let it set the mood to a wonderful slumber.

We hope these tips can help you with your everyday grind in your online jobs. We cannot stress enough on how important it is to get some good quality shut-eye. As a virtual assistant, this will help you become productive, creative and most importantly, happy.

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