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If you want to earn from home while taking care of your family, being a virtual assistant is an attractive option. If you are one of the hopefuls, consider a few things first. Make an honest self-assessment to see if you have what it takes to be a be a great virtual assistant. After all, self-awareness is a great way for you to determine if you are indeed right for the job.

Imagine this scenario. There are two seemingly bright and hopeful candidates. One has an impressive line of marketable skills and an above-average IQ but a questionable attitude as well — a difficult, intractable candidate who is not willing to take direction and criticism. On the other hand, you have someone with an average skill set and IQ but with a winning, humble, go-getter attitude. Which one will you pick? Which one do you think is a better choice? The answer can easily be assumed as a subjective one, but most companies would prefer the latter.

A great attitude is what makes you thrive in the VA industry.

Skills can be learned, intelligence can be upgraded and any person who has a long list of accomplishments can still be dispensable if their personality is deplorable.

Do you think you have what it takes? Look at this checklist and see how many of these traits you possess.

  1. Reliability

     It’s important to you that you do not let anyone down. Once you have committed to something, you honor your promises and deliver results.

  2. Trustworthiness

    Honesty is a big deal to you. You simply do not tolerate deceit and misrepresentation.

  3. Being Detail Oriented

     You notice everything right down to the smallest of details. You deliver work that is attractive and organized.

  4. Fast Learner

     You are able to cope with the fast-paced flow of technology. You learn quickly and adapt to changes rather well.

  5. Hungry for Knowledge

     You simply like learning. You have a thirst to know more so you can further your own skill set. You do not just settle with your stock knowledge. You are a perpetual student who has a curious excellent vamind.

  6. Humble

    You know your strengths and weaknesses. You are able to accept constructive criticism with an open mind.

  7. Malleable

    You are trainable and can be easily molded in accordance to your client’s needs and requirements.

  8. Good Communicator

     You are able to communicate efficiently with your peers and clients. You are tactful, respectful and diplomatic.

  9. Concerned

     You genuinely care about your client’s business. You have the heart to put yourself in a business owner’s shoes.

  10. Passionate

     You have great energy and you look forward to each day with enthusiasm. You are optimistic and you believe that everything will work out in the end.

  11. Good Moral Character

     You do not participate in unnecessary office gossip or engage in any scandal, fraud or anything related to crime.

  12. Hardworking

     Laziness has no room in your life. You are willing to go the extra mile to get the job done.

  13. Loyal

     You are loyal to your company, peers and client. You know that trust is earned and you practice this even in your personal life.

  14. Helpful

    You are willing to give a helping hand even when you are not going to benefit from it. You are there for your teammates when the going gets tough.

  15. Integrity

    You have strong moral principles. You are not easily corrupted because you believe that doing good is the only moral choice.

Did a lot of these traits resonate with you? If you got more than 10 in this list, you are a viable candidate. Do check our job openings if you wish to make a career in the virtual assistant industry. Best of luck!

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