How to Create an Irresistible Feedback Form in 5 Simple Steps

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Feedback is a valuable element in market research and in learning what your customers like and dislike. This will help you and your client come up with different strategies to improve the services or products your client is promoting.

But how can you effectively persuade customers to leave feedback? What will it take for them to decide and spend their precious time providing a piece of their mind?

To assist you in ensuring that customers will feel compelled to leave reviews, here are 5 tips on creating an irresistible feedback form.


One strategy to make your feedback form compelling is to include an incentive or a come-on to encourage your customers to share their insights. Most customers may feel that participating in a survey is just a waste of time, but if you include an incentive, the idea of sharing and participating dramatically changes.

Consider your timing

If you’re a virtual assistant tasked to send out feedback forms via email, it would be best to plan out when the best time is to send out this message. Timing is crucial as you want your reader to receive it and open it when they’re not busy and when they’re most likely awake. Potential times to send out feedback forms would be after office hours or even during the weekends.

User-friendly feedback form

One of the most important but simple steps to make your feedback form hard to ignore is to make it user-friendly or customer-friendly. There are two ways to do this:

1. Ask the right questions; and

2. Make the interface user-friendly.

Include questions that are relevant to the business and how it can serve their customers better. Other personal information like an address or income may turn off some respondents, so it would a good idea to stick with the issues that are connected with customer and business relations. As a virtual employee, you need to coordinate with your client on how to formulate these types of questions so customers will end up willing to participate.

The design of the feedback form is also essential. Different varieties of question formats may be implemented. You can use the yes or no format, the rating system and for the last question on your feedback form, an on opportunity for your customer to discuss certain concerns by asking open-ended questions or suggestions.  The important thing here is to make the feedback form easy to fill out and easy to accomplish in minutes. If it would take a customer 10 minutes to answer your feedback form, there is a tendency that they might get bored and decide not to finish it at all.

Mobile friendly

Make sure that your feedback form is mobile friendly. With the dramatic increase of mobile device users, it’s highly probable that the feedback form you’ll be sending out will be read from a mobile device. If your form is not optimized for mobile use, it will be less compelling for a customer to read and fill it in.

Don’t use too many required fields

Since the customers are doing you a favor, don’t make them feel that they’re required to fill out your entire form. If they’re not comfortable answering some questions, let it be. Remember, any feedback is important, and you don’t want to waste an opportunity to hear from them, even if it’s just brief feedback.

These are some simple tricks to follow on how to create an irresistible feedback form. Take note that feedback is important and it’s good practice to follow the steps above so you can convince your customers to participate and share their insights and views that will eventually help your client find ways to improve their products and services.


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