5 Ways to Become a Role Model VA

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Virtual assistant responsibilities are huge. You are expected to always perform in top condition. Getting hired and consistently making a client happy can be a challenge even for the best of the best.

What makes a VA a role model? What are the key elements that a virtual assistant must have in order to be considered a good one? The basic truth is that it all comes down to values, morals and the characteristics of a VA.

What are the ways to be a role model VA? Here’s a list to give you an idea:

  1. Be detail oriented and alert.

    One of the best qualities of great VA that will surely make you a role model is the ability to see even the littlest of details. This makes a huge impact on the overall quality of any work. Whether you are a writer, a graphic artist, or a customer service representative, being meticulous will help you deliver the best results.

  2. Stay curious and be eager to learn things.

    Being a jack of all trades will not help you get more clients, but this will set you apart from the rest. Being the go-to person of clients simply because you can do a lot of things based on your impressive skill set is what makes a person a role model VA. This is a determining factor that will definitely make you stand out from the rest.

  3. Hard work always pays off, so get your back into it.

    Tenacity is one of the top things that clients seek in a worker, and it is an admirable trait that even your coworkers will appreciate. Whoever said being a VA is walkva in the park surely doesn’t understand the industry by heart. Sleepless nights and huge amounts of stress are all part of being a virtual assistant. Getting past all the challenges and being a joy to work with will make one a model VA.

  4. Be a good communicator.

    Effective communication is needed in this line of work because it is not in a usual office setup. There won’t be any face-to-face meetings. Your command of the English language must be great, and the tone of language must be professional and friendly yet accommodating. During instances when you are not sure what your clients really mean, do not do any guesswork. Simply ask! The main cause of misunderstanding between two parties is when one of them makes assumptions and refuses to clarify. Be clear with what you mean and lastly, always mean what you say.

  5. Be a good person.

    This may sound generic, but being role model VA isn’t just about being skilled, intelligent and highly efficient. Being a good person, at the end of the day, is what people will remember and appreciate you for. Aim to help other VAs, and always have a mindset that you are being a good person not because you expect good karma. You are a good person because you want to be that kind of person. Being inherently good despite being stressed is a selfless act. It is a gesture that you willingly do because you want to help.

Being a role model VA may sound trivial. The truth is, you must not compete with other virtual assistants just to claim this title. All you need to do is to mind your own work and try to be better each day. The real competition is with yourself, so aim to be the best at what you do. Remember, being highly skilled is a huge asset, but it’s not the only thing that makes you the best. If you do not have the personality and the right characteristics that make you a good person, then clients and even coworkers will not see you as a role model.


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