WordPress Migration Plugins

Wordpress Migration Plugins


Let us look at the world’s best WordPress migration segments to relocate your website. Although it is super easy to create a fresh WordPress website, it is super hard to shift your current site to a different hosting provider.

You have to redeploy your files of database, segments, as well as theme. At the same time, you wish to cut down on your off-time so that your clients don’t see a website that is not working.

Here, we will be comparing the most effective WordPress migration plugins that will allow us to migrate websites without worries.


Bluehost Migrator


1. Bluehost Migrator

Bluehost is among the top migration options for companies that provide WordPress hosting. They’re also a WordPress hosting provider with a license.

Features that make it a valuable choice:

  • It performs admirably and is tailored to a particular situation of migrating any hosting business to Bluehost.
  • If you don’t change the domain name, a temporary domain is created for the uploaded site. You can later adjust your DNS to reflect your domain name.

Price: Free of charge


Migrate DB Pro


2. Migrate DB Pro

It is a sophisticated WordPress migration plugin for relocating databases of WordPress from one location to another. It can quickly upload themes, plugins, and media files, as well as other accessories.

Features that make it a valuable choice:

  • It’s ideal for copying the WordPress database from another website rapidly.
  • Its tremendous capability makes it a fantastic choice for developers.

Price: A digital storefront starts at $99 and goes up from there. To access support and add-on files, you’ll need a professional license, which costs $199.




3. VaultPress

It is a well-known WordPress name because it is really a great migration plugin, and it is developed as well as maintained under Automattic.

VaultPress has the following features that make it an excellent choice:

  • It is indeed a high-end plugin featuring excellent customer service.
  • Because the plugin is bundled with Jetpack, you’ll have access to a comprehensive range of social networks, marketing, and other capabilities.
  • Backups can sometimes be automated and planned with VaultPress.
  • For most of your recoveries, you have limitless storage capacity.
  • A 30-day archive is displayed.
  • A very simple and straightforward migration option is included in the add-on, which accepts your files and then either restores them on your website or transfers them to other servers.
  • VaultPress includes spam prevention to guard against the slew of remarks and bounced that will inevitably flood your page.

Price: VaultPress exclusively offers PAYE, one of which costs $39 a year and the latter two of which cost $99 & $299 annually.




4. BackupGuard

BackupGuard is mainly a recovery plugin, but it may also be used to migrate WordPress sites. This plugin has a simple UI that is less intimidating than many of the other options, making it ideal for novices.

VaultPress has the following features that make it an excellent choice:

  • WordPress documents and database transfer in a flash
  • All hosting companies should be supported
  • Redirects the URL of a website
  • Serialized information is modified


  • Personalized Tables Conversion: BackupGuard Relocation lets you choose the tables to move and the ones to leave alone.
  • It will assist you in migrating files from either a server side to a new server, out of a subfolder towards the root folder, from one domain to another, and from one web host to another.
  • When we switch to a different domain, all of our previous URLs automatically redirect to a new web address.

Price: It costs $25 for two sites for the rest of your life. You also receive automatic site copies and restore tools in addition to migrating.




5. Clone

It is a WordPress site transfer tool that is compact, simple, and quick. It takes a straightforward approach. It must be installed on both ends. Then, out from the beginning site, make one package. A link to the product will be sent to you. Now navigate to the newly created target WordPress site and activate the WordPress Clone extension you just installed. Provide a link to the package and have it restored to that same targeted system. It’s quite simple.

However, the plugin might not always work for 10-20 percentage sites, particularly those that are larger. This plugin, on the other hand, should work if you merely want to move your newly built site from a host to a remote server.




6. BlogVault

The finest WordPress migration plugin we’ve tried is BlogVault. To begin, make one backup copy before proceeding with the migration. Its backups are hosted according to their self-based systems, so they do not even affect our website’s performance. They offer customized plans targeting Bigcommerce sites.

Intermediate sites are pre-installed, and you’ll be asked to check your recovery on testing after the phase is complete. With the majority of the other migrating add-ons on the list, you’ll only find out about the migrating process documents after you’ve attempted to move your page. This technology prevents a critical point of failure in the process.

Simply select your host, enter the FTP credentials, and begin the migration process. It’s a piece of cake.

Price: Pricing starts at $7.40 per month. Security screening and malware cleanup are included in higher-level programs.


UpdraftPlus Premium


7. UpdraftPlus Premium

The utmost WordPress backup plugin is UpdraftPlus. Its premium edition includes a feature that makes it simple to switch your website to a new place.

Features that make it a valuable choice:

  • The procedure is super easy to follow. You can build a full backup and import it anywhere if you’ve been using this as a backup plugin.
  • Plan and keep backups of your WordPress site on remote sites.
  • Works with multiple-site WordPress chains.
  • Data that has changed lets you save time and money on your server.

Price: At $30, you may get the Migrator Subscription or utilize it with UpdraftPlus for free. Alternatively, for $70, you may have UpdraftPlus Premium.


Duplicator Pro


8. Duplicator Pro

It is the most effective WordPress migrating segment in the marketplace. It functions as if it were a miracle for various migration scenarios with no technical knowledge. There is a comprehensive wizard that walks users through the conversion process step by step. Firstly, you need to make a package for migration for your website. Then, using an installation script, upload it to your machine.

Features that make it a valuable choice:

  • It has a trouble-free step to step migration platform to relocate your website.
  • It could be utilized to schedule recoveries and store them to cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • It connects to the cPanel service dashboard to create datasets and customers automatically.
  • It supports WordPress multiple sites.

Pricing: Plans with a fee begin at $59 per year for three websites. There’s also a minimal free version that’ll suffice for most tiny websites.


Final thoughts

If you want WordPress migration segments to shift your website with a purpose and strategy and take your business a step forward, hire an eCommerce Virtual Assistant. eCommerce VAs can perform several tasks, such as migrating WordPress websites to a different host/domain/local server/live site to fulfill customer satisfaction. With a 20four7VA virtual assistant and the best migration plugins, you can migrate websites without worries.


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