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Mark Christian, or “Chan” as he likes to be called, is an Administrative Virtual Assistant (VA) who started working for 20four7VA in 2020. Since he joined the company, Chan has been extremely pleased with how his day-to-day life has turned out. Listen as he talks about how 20four7VA has changed his life.



What was life like for you before 20four7VA?

After I graduated, I immediately applied for an office-based job. My life before — I found it very toxic because I worked really far from our house. Because we live in the province, we have to go to another city to find a job. That really made me homesick, and I missed a lot of time with my family.

What made you decide to become a VA?

I have a friend who gave me the idea to work from home. The main reason I decided to work as a VA is because of the fact that my parents are not getting younger, and I don’t want to spend the rest of my life working from afar. I wanted to spend my time, or the rest of my life, working with my family. So that’s really the reason [why I decided to become a VA] and it motivates me a lot.

What is your life like now that you’re with 20four7VA?

I would say [that working with 20four7VA has been] very life-changing and very fulfilling. For example, every time I log in, my parents are always there to check on me, like “How’s your computer? Is it working well?” They always prepare food for me, [which allows me to] work freely. I don’t have to think of anything else apart from working, and I get to spend the rest of my time with my family and friends.

Why did you choose 20four7VA?

I was just searching on Facebook [for a] specific company I would like to grab, and I found 20four7VA. Then, I visited the website. I checked everything, especially the mission, vision, and values which the company embodies, like integrity, work-life balance, truthful communication, commitment to excellence, and also respect. That really made me decide to apply to 20four7VA.

How has 20four7VA helped you grow?

It’s actually the first value of 20four7VA, which is integrity, that really helped me professionally. I don’t have to look for someone to look after me to do the right thing.

What, for you, are the top three benefits of working for 20four7VA?

Before, I used to be compensated, like, twice a month. Working from home at 20four7VA, I get the chance to enjoy my salary weekly. So that’s a huge add-on to my financial satisfaction. And the second one, it’s really the people in 20four7VA. It’s the relationships between the teammates and the company. And the third one would be the work-life balance. For example, [if] I’m feeling sick and I have to eat early and I have to take medicine, I can just talk to my manager and to my teammates and we can work on it. They are very considerate, and that’s really a big thing.

What would you say to someone who’s looking to apply at 20four7VA?

It’s really worth a try. They are very considerate, and also just look at the mission, vision, and values of the company. [They] would really allow each VA to grow not just professionally, but mentally, and personally as well.

What are the qualities of a great 20four7VA virtual assistant?

The first thing is being proactive, especially since we have less supervision and no one’s monitoring us physically. Being proactive is really a big thing; if you’re experiencing technical issues, you shouldn’t wait for someone to call you out.

The second quality would be time management. A misconception of working from home is, “ I’m working from home, so I can take my break anytime I want. Or I can work anytime I want.” That’s not a thing. You still have to respect the time of your teammates, for example. That’s one of the things that we should possess, not just as a VA but as a person, in order for us to gain respect as well from other people.



For his parting words, Chan said that people who know him deeply can really tell the difference between his smile before and his smile now that he’s working with 20four7VA. He concludes, “This smile implies that I’m working happily — not just because I’m being compensated fairly, not just because I’m working from the comfort of my home — but because I’m working with the right company. A company that promotes self-discipline and integrity — that’s 20four7VA.”

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