Top 3 Most Common Business Myths You Should Ignore

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3 common myths

Entrepreneurship is dynamic because always evolves to adapt with time. To better cater to its clients, a business must constantly change to meet present demands. Still, some things in business must remain unchanged including excellent customer service, quality products, and outstanding marketing skills.

As more and more people join the business world, more practices or beliefs are also added or reinforced. If you want to know how to start a small business or scale your current company, it pays to know that the business mindsets you follow are practical and effective and not just rooted in hearsay.

Learning new practices and skills for business is important but forgetting about unprofitable beliefs is just as crucial. Even if you apply the latest online business marketing techniques, unhelpful business mindsets can trickle into your day-to-day operations.

To make sure that none of these hold you back, check out these top 3 most common business myths you should ignore:

Business Myth #1:

You’ll have more time when you have your own business.

If you’re thinking about starting an online business and this is one of your top motivations, you may have to think again. People who quit the 9-to-5 grind to start a business and expect more time on their hands are in for a surprise.

Just think: when you are your own boss, you’re also your cheapest labor. So, entrepreneurs put in more hours during the early years of their business. When you have a regular job, you can expect to get paid the same amount regardless of how much the company has earned. When you run the company, it’s your paycheck that gets docked to make ends meet.

What to do:

Hire a virtual assistant to help you with the heavy workload that will come your way. Let go of repetitive tasks that only consume your time and sap the creativity out of you. Delegate specialized jobs to experts so you get quality output and more free hours at the same time.

Business Myth #2:

You must spend money to make money.

This statement is true to some extent but more often than not, it is used as an excuse to justify splurging or expensive services. When you work with a third-party marketer or meet up with a prospective business partner, make sure that you don’t fall into this trap. Spending money to make money may have some truth in it, but it shouldn’t be an excuse for you to go beyond your budget.

What to do:

When looking for suppliers or partners, make ample research instead of just going with the most popular choice. Popular doesn’t always mean the best choice for your company’s current needs and goals. Optimize free online tools such as Google Suite and social media for your digital marketing needs.

Business Myth #3:

You need to be everywhere.

Blogs, websites, social media, email. With a plethora of platforms to reach your target audience, it’s tempting to be everywhere. Because it’s also encouraged by some marketers, many startup owners fall into this trap and end up either with a substandard output or mounting bills.

What to do:

Focus only on platforms that are your strongest suit. What social networks does your target audience frequently use? Which marketing campaigns resonated best with your clients? Invest in these and gradually branch out as your company expands.

What changes are you making now that you’ve debunked the top 3 most common business myths you should ignore?

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