Must-Read Books for Small-Business Owners

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It has been said that books are the best weapons in the world. The knowledge gleaned between the pages of books cannot be stolen, destroyed, or taken away. For small business owners, this leverage is something they cannot miss out on.

However, you have to be careful which books to pick up and include in your reading list. Some business books are just filled with anecdotes about how a certain business achieved its success. Some would tell you stories about how a certain business person defeated the odds stacked against him to build an empire. While these may be good reads and sources of inspiration, you need more than a dose of motivating stories to run and expand your small business.

Here are the top must-read books for small-business owners:

Crush It!

Author: Gary Vaynerchuck

Why You Should Read This Book:

Many people dream of turning their passion into business. If you’re one of these people, this book is for you. The author explicitly explains the reasons and methods of personal brand creation. Many businesses fail to take off because the owners are not passionate about their service. If you care about your craft, your business ceases to feel like labor but the fruition of your interests and expertise. This book will be your guide on how to bridge the gap between your passion and business.

Virtual Freedom

Author: Chris Ducker

Why You Should Read This Book:

Finding your virtual staff can be tricky. This book will instruct you on how to hire a virtual assistant. It is also applicable for business owners who want to outsource certain tasks to in-house assistants. The author illustrates why and how successful company owners don’t have to do it all together. Virtual Freedom, as the title aptly suggests, will give you just that.

The 4-Hour Workweek

Author: Timothy Ferriss

Why You Should Read This Book:

Many motivating statements make people think about what they want when starting a business. This book, however, takes it one notch higher by asking prospective business owners, “What excites you?” The author explains how an ordinary person like he is can achieve his ultimate dreams by being the most efficient in what he does. In a nutshell, this book will tell you how and why working smart will trump working hard.

Speak and Get Results

Author: Sandy Linver

Why You Should Read This Book:

Running any type of business will, in one way or another, lead you to speak and make a presentation to people. This book will help you design and present a speech confidently and effectively. The author provides a formula that owners of small businesses can utilize as a template for client proposals or sales meetings.

Starting an online business or a local company can be one of the most challenging experiences you can have. Yet, it is also one of the most rewarding. These must-read books for small business owners will be the leverage you can use to make the difference.


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