Gmail and Chrome Extensions that You Should Install Now

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Gmail Tools and Extensions that You Should Install Now

It has been more than a decade since Google launched Gmail. Ever since, the free email service provider has been an integral part of business communications for many companies.

Nevertheless, Gmail offers more than just the ability to exchange emails with your business partners or virtual assistant. There are many more features that you could unlock with the use of certain tools and extensions. These can help you accomplish various tasks, from performing admin work to sending important messages to your customers.

If you’re using Chrome to access your Gmail account, you definitely want these extensions installed on your browser.


Having multiple Gmail accounts is not uncommon for entrepreneurs. However, managing many different email accounts can be challenging and confusing if you don’t have an efficient system for doing it. Of course, you can easily hire a remote office assistant to help you with email clutter, but there’s also a tool that you can use to make things easier for you and your virtual assistant.

Shift allows you to open several Gmail accounts in one desktop client, so you won’t have to switch between different tabs. You can also access other Google services through this platform.


There are many reliable project management tools out there, but what makes Yanado worth your time is that it lets you manage tasks without leaving Gmail. It cuts down the time you spend on switching tabs and enhances your efficiency overall. The design is very intuitive as well, so you will surely find this tool heaven-sent.


Equip your sales team with the right tool so that they can have a more efficient workflow. SalesHandy is a great sales engagement management tool that enables users to share screens, track emails and documents, and send personalized emails without switching from one application to another.


If you’re looking for a smart and secure way of tracking and automating your outbound communications, Gmelius is a great tool that you might want to consider. It has a very lightweight CRM that enables real-time collaboration and customization of your Gmail inbox to better suit your preferences, habits, and workflow. Some of the features included in Gmelius are email tracker, email notes, mail merge, follow-ups, scheduler, and more.


Salesflare is another dependable sales CRM, which small businesses and startups can use to improve leads generation and sales. You can easily integrate the app into Gmail and Outlook, and it will automatically keep of customers for you. Salesflare can also help improve your productivity enabling you to get things done on time. The app sends reminders of who you should contact,  collects the information you need, and records all your customer interactions.


A powerful yet simple CRM, Streak allows your entire sales process to run inside your inbox. You can save your customers’ details without interrupting your workflow, and you can even track if an email has already been read.

These tools and extensions allow you to do more with your Gmail accounts. Take the time to try them out and see which ones work best for you.

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