18 Free SEO WordPress Plugins to Use in 2020

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WordPress powers 35% of websites in 2020. This massive influence is a testament to the system’s content management reliability, which continues to attract hordes of users everyday. If you want to launch or grow your website through WordPress, you must learn to optimize the many features that made it popular and relevant to this day. The vast SEO WordPress plugin library, for instance, is rife with tools that can help you make a name in an otherwise packed platform.

What Makes SEO Plugin For WordPress Worth It

Understanding why you should invest work, time, or money on a business resource is key to optimizing it, and the SEO WordPress plugin is no different.

So, to understand the need to get SEO plugins for your website, it’s best to back up and appreciate why WordPress is a great content management system as far as search engine optimization is concerned.

Here’s why:

  1. WordPress has easy metadata management. Metadata provides additional information about your content, so that users and search engines can quickly scan it and know what to expect to find. WordPress has a plugin that helps users add metadata to their posts or website in just minutes. With this feature, users can pack in more information and keywords and boost their post ranking.
  2. WordPress allows permalink customization. The full URL for any post or content on your website can serve a greater purpose than you might think. Instead of a bunch of incomprehensible characters, your permalink should describe what the post is about. WordPress allows this option to users. That way, posts are more informative, SEO-friendly, and keyword-rich.
  3. WordPress websites have a good loading time. Page speed is critical in SEO. Even Google considers page loading time as profoundly important in conversion, visitor retention, and overall website performance. To help users, WordPress has several plugins that accelerate page speed so content will load quickly and seamlessly.
  4. WordPress allows image optimization. Another SEO plugin in WordPress features the ability to optimize images. By creating alternative text, or installing a plugin that automatically does it, users can boost their content even more. Images can also be resized and adjusted so they don’t disrupt page loading speed. All these abilities enable users to leverage content images, so they are more SEO-forward.
  5. WordPress is geared for user experience. Take away the technical words and complex processes, and you’ll find that in the heart of SEO is optimum user experience. WordPress is geared towards creating the best user experience. It has a myriad of plugins and themes that work together in creating a professional, attractive, and functional website.

WordPress already gives you a platform that makes content management and optimization easy and convenient, regardless of your technical skills and background.

To make the most of this platform, you need to tap on its massive SEO plugin library to fine-tune and boost your content to its highest ranking potential.


18 of the Best WordPress SEO Plugin Free (or with Affordable Rates)

As a free and open-source platform with several SEO WordPress plugin free, the content management authority has attracted millions of active users.

Here are 18 of the best FREE SEO WordPress plugin as well as the ones with affordable rates:

  1. Yoast SEO. Perhaps the most popular of SEO WordPress plugins, Yoast is a comprehensive tool for boosting one’s website. Yoast has a free and premium package starting at $89 which includes a year-long support and updates. Among the popular features of Yoast are title and meta data templating, keyword optimization, SEO analysis, readability analysis, and a bulk editor that allows users to create large-scale content updates.
  2. All in One SEO Pack. True to its name, All in One SEO Pack comes with a wide variety of tools all created to boost one’s website ranking. Among its many useful features are the ability to block bad bots or spam referrals, auto generate meta descriptions, add site links, and WooCommerce plugin integration. All in One SEO Pack also has available support that constantly updates the plugin.
  3. SEOPress. Simple, fast, and powerful — this is the claim to fame of SEOPress. It has a wide array of tools including broken link checker, sitemaps, schemas, and redirections. SEOPress is also user-friendly, so that even people with limited SEO background or skills can make the most of it. SEOPress has a free version and can be upgraded for $39 for the premium version.
  4. Rank Math. Rank Math aims to help users get a higher website ranking in Google and other search engines. It has a step-by-step installation process and comes with its own configuration Wizard. Because it practically configures itself, Rank Math is a great tool for novice business owners or bloggers with limited SEO skills.
  5. Premium SEO Pack. Despite its massive tools, Premium SEO Pack can be installed in a few minutes. It features Google Analytics, Page Speed Insights, local SEO, site maps, Facebook planner, and SEO-driven images and links. Users of Premium SEO Pack can also enjoy video tutorials and support through the platform and Facebook Messenger.
  6. WP Meta SEO. WP Meta SEO features an easy to use library of SEO-focused tools. Among its features are Google Analytics, page builders, multiple language translation, and Google Search console including keyword suggestions, sitemaps, and URL coverage. Starting at $39/6 months which covers multiple domains or websites.
  7. The SEO Framework. The SEO Framework is built on core and reliable SEO principles. The plugin aims to help users get clicks that convert rather than bounce. The SEO Framework has a free version which features unlimited premium critical SEO, extensions, and plugin updates. The free package also comes with copyright direction, title and description editing, and bulk content editing.
  8. Easy Table of Content. Search engines are constantly looking out for websites with relevant and user-friendly content. One of the best ways to display such a post is through a structured Table of Content. If you tend to publish long-form articles or posts, you can improve your content dramatically by installing the Easy Table of Content plugin. This plugin works with WordPress Classic Editor, Divi, Page Builder, and Visual Composer. Users can customize their Table of Contents location, appearance, and counter formats.
  9. a3 Lazy Load. Google prioritizes websites that quickly and smoothly load in every device. This is what a3 Lazy Load aims to do for its users. This SEO WordPress plugin tool is made so that even heavy content can seamlessly load. a3 Lazy Load comes with a 14-day free trial, premium themes, full support, and free upgrades.

  1. Squirrly SEO. Squirrly SEO aims to help users make it to the first page of Google SERPs in just a week. How? It promises rank tracking, built-in Assistant that maps the road for higher rankings, site audits, keyword research and optimization, and social signals. This claim is backed with more than 3 million plugin downloads and dozens of testimonials found in the Squirrly website.
  2. SEO Quake. SEO Quake is a completely free WordPress SEO plugin that can be downloaded in Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. The tool is made to conduct an on-page SEO audit in seconds, export data into a file, compare URLS and domains real-time, and analyze a website’s external and internal links. SEO Quake comes with a comprehensive but easy-to-read user guide and a dedicated troubleshooting page.
  3. Monster Insights. Performance tracking and analysis is an integral part of SEO. To do that, you need a plugin like Monster Insights. This tool takes Google Analytics and integrates it to your WordPress Dashboard. With Monster Insights, users no longer have to install any code or scripts to be able to use Analytics. It also simplifies the otherwise technical data from Google Analytics, so that reports are easy to understand and use.
  4. Redirection. There are many redirect plugins in WordPress, but among the most widely used is Redirection. It features easy tracking of 404 errors and 301 redirects to help users spot and fix loose ends. Users can also condition redirects by customizing login status, browser, or referrer in the tool’s dashboard.
  5. Titan Anti-Spam. Content and page speed are widely known SEO aspects. However, you must also include security in your search engine optimization plans. The Titan Anti-Spam plugin can take care of this side of SEO. The Titan Scanner has the ability to check core files, analyze bad URLs, assess themes and other plugins for malware, and spot SEO spam, backdoors, code injections, and malicious redirects. The starter Titan Anti-Spam plugin is only $55/year for one site.
  6. ShortPixel. Images are a significant part of content. In fact, it’s known that posts with visuals have better reception among readers and even search engines. It’s only fitting to invest in a plugin that ensures your content images are contributing to the performance of your website, and not derailing it. This is where ShortPixel comes in handy. This free WordPress plugin comes with PHP compression tools, limitless file size, and automatic bulk optimization.
  7. Branda. Another way to rank your website higher is to integrate your brand identity. Apart from scoring high in SEO, brand customization will help people remember and recognize you among your competitors. Branda is a plugin that you can use to customize your website to show your brand identity. It comes with an Admin Bar that includes the WordPress logo, Admin Footer and Menu, Color Schemes, Dashboard widgets, and Color Schemes.
  8. W3 Total Cache. W3 Total Cache promises to increase a website speed up to 10 times. With a speedy loading time, you can attract and keep more website visitors and beat competitors. A free SEO plugin for WordPress, W3 Total Cache features an easy hosting setup and mobile support.
  9. Rankie. Are your marketing efforts worth your time, money, and effort? Rankie will help you find out. The tool has a comprehensive but easy to understand dashboard to help users assess their website performance. It comes with a Keyword research tool that supports all languages, a daily email report, ranking gap for each keyword, and a tracker for WordPress ranking on Google.

These SEO plugins for WordPress are designed to make your website functional and user-friendly. Make sure you have a relevant and expertly written content to match! Hire your content development team through 20four7VA.



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