The Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Ads

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When you take your business to Facebook, you are presenting it to 2.01 billion potential customers. It comes as no surprise then that 42% of marketers regard Facebook as a critical tool in business.

Although it started off as a social platform, there is no denying that Facebook has gained powerful traction in online business marketing over the years. The cost of putting up Facebook ads vary, but business owners are willing to pay the price to get wider exposure in the world’s most popular social network.

But as with any advertising avenue, it also takes skill and knowledge to master Facebook ads. Because your ads represent your brand, it’s only fitting to craft one that will introduce your business to consumers in the best way possible.

Check out the Dos and Don’ts of Facebook Ads to help you do just that:


  • Use clear, high-quality images. People go on Facebook to stay connected with friends, share their day, or read the news. When people scroll through their newsfeed, they are bombarded with dozens of different images and information, so it’s easy to get ignored. The surest way to get their attention is through eye-catching photos. After all, photos can resonate with people better and longer. A report revealed that people are likely to retain 65% of information that they get through visuals.
  • Optimize Facebook’s targeting features. Facebook takes user preference seriously. Users can control what they see and want to see on Facebook based on likes and searches. That is why as a marketing platform, Facebook can bring you to an audience that will welcome your ad and be more productive for your business. Make sure that you make the most of Facebook’s targeting features such as location, language, gender, and age.
  • Be more strategic with your visuals. Aside from quality images, other crucial elements that will give your ads the most impact are colors, icons, text, and font. Make sure that these foundations of your ad work well with your picture and meet the network’s ad specs and required sizes. You wouldn’t want your hard work resulting in a stretched or cropped outcome.


  • Don’t use a white background. The goal of your ad is to stand out or grab the attention of your target audience. Using a white background – the main color of Facebook’s feed – will do the opposite. Instead, use a color palette that will not make your ad get swallowed in the backdrop.


  • Don’t use unreadable text. It’s important to get your message across quickly. Your message may be the factor that will grab your audience’s attention. When you use unreadable text, you fail to connect with users and your entire ad just ends up looking garbled.
  • Don’t leave Live Ads hanging.


Through the social network’s Ad manager, you can monitor clicks, impressions, and reach to help you evaluate how your ad has fared. However, it’s easy to get sidetracked or overwhelmed with these metrics that you fail to focus on your main goal. Whatever you have set out to get your target consumers to do, make sure that you can follow through. Outsourcing this to your social media virtual assistant will keep you on top of things.

Learning the do’s and don’ts of Facebook ads will help you reach the right people who will appreciate your offers. Are you ready to get Facebook famous?


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