7 Email Marketing Sins Every Marketer Should Avoid

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One aspect of online business marketing that you should learn is email marketing. Of course, mastering this involves avoiding certain pitfalls that could put all your effort to waste.

By taking note of these email marketing sins, you can be confident that your messages will be effective — meaning, they will be opened and read and your subscribers will take a desirable action.

  1. Disappearing after your “welcome” email

Remember that your subscribers signed up to your list because they are interested in receiving updates and great content from you. That’s why you should make sure that you do not vanish after you have sent out your very first email to them.

Keep the emails coming regularly and don’t think that you will only be a bother to your subscribers. If you’re not sure about what to send to your list members, you could start by sending new blog post notifications or useful content like quick tips on how to use your product or service. Ensure that they’re the first to know about your special offers as well.

  1. Putting everything in one email

This is probably your instant solution when you’re worried that you’re sending too many emails. However, cramming everything in one email is counterproductive. Do not overload your subscribers with different kinds of information. This will only make them tag your email as “for later”, which means your messages will never be read.

  1. Sending boring emails

Using your own unique voice in your emails will make you stand out and help create recall among your subscribers. Every time they see your name on their inbox, they will start anticipating your latest update or anything you want to say. They’ll want to receive and read more from you.

  1. Over or under promoting

You need to strike a balance in the emails you send. Otherwise, your subscribers will only be annoyed by your frequent promotions. Create an email editorial calendar so that you can easily see if you have a balanced mix of promotions and quality content. High-quality and valuable content are as important as your promotional messages because they serve as a way for your subscribers to know you better.

  1. Being alarmed by unsubscribes

It’s normal to feel panicked and disappointed when you see unsubscribe notifications. However, this is something you should be thankful for, believe it or not. People who unsubscribe often do so because they eventually realize that they’re not a fit for your mailing list. This saves you time and money as it trims your list down to include only your ideal audience. Still stressed out with unsubscribe notifs? You should turn them off now.

  1. Sending emails that are not mobile-friendly

Keep in mind that a large portion of online users are on mobile so you always have to assume that every email you send is actually read on cellphones or tablets. Make sure to use a single-column layout and test your emails on different mobile devices before sending them out. Check if your emails are easy to navigate and click on.

  1. Failing to create an email marketing strategy

Having a plan will keep you focused on what you should do now and what steps you could take next. Before going ahead and clicking that “send” button, ensure that you have determined the frequency of your emails or when you’re supposed to send them, what your messages will be about, and how you want your emails to look.

These mistakes are pretty easy to avoid You might want to work with your virtual assistant to improve on these email marketing best practices. Once you have ironed out your email marketing strategy, you could pass on the entire task to your assistant. This way, you could free up more of your time and make your VA feel more appreciated that you’re able to entrust him/her with this type of work too.


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