5 Ways to Use Customer Feedback

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Your customers are the most valuable part of your business, and it’s not just because of their money. More than the profit you get from their purchases, they offer you one of the most useful marketing tools too — feedback.

In order to achieve business success, you should always consider what your customers feel about and think of your products or services. There are many ways to ask for feedback. Online forms, quick or in-depth surveys, product reviews, rating systems, and many more — you can use all these methods as long as you’re introducing them using the appropriate channels as well.

Listening to your customers is certainly a skill that you should master if you want to make it big. But in the end, it’s what you do with the insights from your customers’ feedback that will create the changes you need for your business.

Make things easier for your customers.

In other words, minimize the effort you require from your customers. Whether it’s finding a product on your website, checking out, or filing a complaint, your customers should be able to do these things with just a few taps or clicks. Find out how many steps they need to go through in order to accomplish their goal. Then, figure out a way to trim the procedure down and make it faster for your customers to complete transactions with your business.

Turn customer feedback into product innovation.

Your customers are the ones using your products on a regular basis, so you can definitely rely on their observations, ideas, and comments. Watch out for trends or common sentiments among your customers. Find out if they have a need that isn’t being addressed yet and create solutions for their concerns in the form of product innovations or new features on your website or app.

Combine customer feedback and consumer data

Integrate your data with customer feedback so that you can formulate an effective online business marketing strategy that is both driven by numbers and personal insights from real people. Aside from that, you can use these information to improve your products or any other processes involved in your business such as delivery, data gathering, etc.

Identify emerging customer needs

The needs of your customers could change alongside product or service improvements. It is important to be proactive and look out for such emerging needs every time you roll out something new. Your customers will be adjusting to these changes, so you should ensure an easy transition for them as well.

Do something about it now

This is the age of now. Consumers want solutions and answers now, so you should give them the power to get what they want as soon as possible. Failing to meet their needs quickly could lose you their trust. Customers might think that you’re not as reliable as you are claiming to be, so make sure to live up to their expectations all the time.

Make sure you have enough people to handle customer feedback. After all, it’s a vital part of your customer service too. It may seem like a heavy task, but with a virtual assistant or two to help you out, you won’t have to worry about missing insights from consumers. Find a VA with marketing experience through trusted virtual assistant companies today.


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