5 Money-Saving Content-Marketing Tricks Every Marketer Should Try

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5 Money-Saving Content-Marketing Tricks Every Marketer Should Try

There is so much content published online nowadays that it’s getting too difficult to break through the clutter and actually reach your target audience. If you really want your message to stand out, there’s no other way to do it than by producing high-quality and relevant content. In order to do that, you have to invest in content marketing. You can either hire a good copywriting agency that can generate articles or blog posts for you or get a skilled content writer VA.

Since producing great content isn’t cheap, you need to find ways to maximize its use. Here are a few things that you can do to save money while making sure that you’re still producing excellent content.

Reuse Old Content

Some marketers might be hesitant to reuse old content, but it’s actually a great way to attract more people to your blog or website. Of course, there are things that you should consider before republishing your old articles or blog posts. If a piece of content is only one-month old, it’s better not to reuse it yet. You should wait for a few more months or even a year before publishing it again. It’s also a good idea to reuse successful blog posts or articles since they’re already proven to attract readers.

Repurpose Your Content in Different Media

Republishing is not the only way to reuse old content. You can also repurpose it by using a different medium. If you’ve published a very helpful written guide for example, you can turn it into an infographic or produce a video discussing it. Doing this will essentially give your old content a new look. Other ways of doing this is by lifting snippets from your old content and then sharing them on social media.

Promote Your Content

Your content marketing strategy doesn’t stop right after you’ve published your content. It’s also your job to promote it. For starters, you can share your blog posts, case studies, articles, etc. on all your social media channels. Have your social media VA create compelling captions when sharing content to ensure that your audience would want to read them. You can also use email marketing to promote your blog posts through newsletters and other email campaigns.

crowdsource content

Invite Guest Contributors

If you are running a blog, you can invite other bloggers, influencers, or aspiring writers as guest contributors. Doing this will not only get your blog loads of new well-written content but also provide increased exposure to your contributors. You don’t even have to shell out tons of cash to make this happen.

Crowdsource Your Content

If reaching out to other writers or bloggers is not your thing, you can always ask members of your team to share their insights or expertise on your blog. Ask them to write about topics that they find interesting and are also relevant to your target audience. Doing this will provide your blog with different perspectives that you won’t normally get from your usual content.

Do you have other money-saving tricks for content marketing? Share them with us by leaving a comment below.


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