4 Ways to Increase Business Growth by Outsourcing Marketing

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4 Ways to Increase Business Growth by Outsourcing Marketing

Outsourcing has proven to be an excellent way to increase productivity within a company. However, according to a study by Clutch, only one-third of small companies in America outsource at least a single business process. A separate study has shown that of the business processes being outsourced, outsourcing marketing tends to be least priority.

Are your misgivings toward outsourcing marketing services preventing you from driving new business development? It may be time to reconsider the difference outsourcing your marketing can make for your business.


4 Signs You Need to Outsource Your Marketing Efforts

Just because some businesses outsource their marketing efforts doesn’t mean that you should, too. Right? This is the kind of thinking that keeps some entrepreneurs from reaping the benefits of outsourcing marketing. While it’s logical to be cautious whenever you’re making businesses decisions, it pays to check if it’s worth it to let experts handle marketing for you.

Here are 4 signs that reveal your need of marketing assistance:

  1. Your paid ads aren’t pulling results. Ads from Google, Bing, and social media channels have user-friendly interfaces. Still, sticking to the usual features and suggestions from each channel is not enough to generate an effective performance.
  2. Your content isn’t professionally written. From product descriptions to blog and email content, writing for business must both be strategic and engaging. Otherwise, people will just skip over or forget your posts.
  3. Your day-to-day tasks overshadow your long-term goals. Does ticking off routine tasks take precedence over your long-term goals? Don’t push back your goals to scale or expand just because you’re too busy with low-impact tasks.
  4. You or your staff are overworked. Are you or an employee simultaneously handling different branches of business? Excessive multitasking has never yielded quality output, especially in business.

If you’ve experienced these situations, it’s time to work with a marketing virtual assistant. What makes outsourcing an ideal arrangement is its affordability and convenience compared to traditional modes of employment. Virtual assistants get paid by the hour or per project, so it’s a great fit for businesses with limited funds and seasonal needs.

Below are 4 ways to increase business growth by outsourcing marketing.

Better-Marketing-Strategy 1. You get a better-performing marketing strategy.

People who dabble in marketing without much experience tend to focus on the what instead of the why. What are the hottest trends in social media today? What keywords can get you higher ranking in search engines? What tools can you use for free? While these are all valid questions to consider, they’re not enough if you’re in it for the long haul.

According to Gleanster Research, 34% of companies don’t think their current marketing approach is enough to see them through the coming years. If you want your efforts to scale and take you places, you also need to consider the why of things. Knowing why you do what you do helps you weed out bad investments. It pushes you closer to your long-term goals, rather than being sidetracked by transient concerns.

Outsourcing internet marketing to a virtual marketing assistant allows you to progress from researching tactics to formulating an actual strategy. As a field expert, a marketing VA can see beyond your short-term targets and limitations. Leverage their expertise and create strategies that can grow your brand.


2. You get a clearer picture of your standing.

Marketing tools and platforms often come with an analytics dashboard. Even blogs and social channels you use for business generate analytics reports. However, no matter how user-friendly or comprehensive these reports are, they’re useless without an expert’s eye.

How many visitors clicked through your ads to visit your website? How long did they stay? What are people reading on your blog? What posts do they share? Collecting this data is easy; figuring out what to do with these numbers is another matter. A marketing expert can tell you what to do with these stats. They can help you determine which campaigns you need to continue or stop. They would also help you make the most of an ad that has garnered high results.


3. You choose tried-and-tested processes.

The internet is teeming with tools for businesses. There are apps for design, resources for productivity, and time-saving apps for marketers. Figuring out what processes work best for you while trying to capture high-quality leads can be overwhelming for one entrepreneur to handle. You will do yourself a favor when you let the experts handle it instead.

Marketing VAs have a cornucopia of tried-and-tested tools for different functions. They know which apps can make their job easier and what processes yield the best results. Instead of spending your time and effort figuring out marketing processes, you can focus on putting together campaigns and building relationships with customers.


4. You save a LOT without sacrificing output.

Hiring talented, experienced staff can be expensive. Many companies would instead hire non-experts and train them for specific marketing tasks and campaigns. However, marketing is dynamic and expansive. A few years ago, brands only work on website content and email marketing. Now, social media marketing is a critical part of the equation.

You need experts in SEO, content, social media, and email to move your brand forward. By outsourcing social media marketing or outsourcing content marketing or any other aspect of digital marketing, you take care of these business facets without breaking the bank. You’re also relieved from providing office space and supplies as well as allocating funds for salary, benefits, and insurance. Because the hiring groundwork and management of VAs are handled by their staffing company, you save a lot of time and money without putting work quality on the line.

As a specialized field, marketing is too important and complex a branch of business to be delegated to just anyone. Partner with a digital marketing virtual assistant to get returns for your efforts and move your brand forward.

Looking for outsourcing marketing companies? We can help. Schedule a free consultation call with us today and let’s work together to build up your business.

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