3 Must-Have Instagram Tools for Your Business

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Are you planning on utilizing Instagram as part of your online business marketing strategy? If you are, then good for you. Instagram is currently the fastest-growing social media network. It now has over 800 million users with 500 million of those users jumping on the platform on a daily basis. You surely don’t want to miss out on promoting your products and services on such a huge platform.

Before you start publishing your content on Instagram however, you have to make sure that you’ll be able to use it effectively. One way to guarantee this is by using the right tools. Here is a list of the top 5 must-have Instagram tools that you can use for your small business:

3 Must-Have Instagram Tools for Your Business


Buffer is a popular tool for various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. It allows you to schedule and publish content on multiple social media profiles. Although Instagram doesn’t allow third-party software or apps to publish on your behalf, Buffer can send you a push notification whenever a scheduled post is up for posting. You can then just copy the caption and upload the image on your Instagram account. Not bad especially if you consider the fact that you can schedule 10 posts a day in Buffer without paying a dime. You can, of course, avail of their paid plan for $10 a month, which allows you to schedule 100 posts a day for 10 social media profiles.


Similar to Buffer, Hootsuite allows you to schedule and publish posts on different social media networks except for Instagram. What makes this tool special is that it has other features that you will find handy in growing your Instagram account and other social media management tasks. Hootsuite can let you keep track of your competitor pages or other Instagram accounts that you think are worth monitoring. It also has a feature that is ideal for campaigns. Whenever you set a hashtag for a new product or campaign, you can monitor the people who are using your hashtag in their posts. You can also view the users who liked or commented on these posts.


If you want to know if what you are doing in Instagram is working, you have to find a way to gather data on your account. Iconosquare is the perfect tool for that. It can measure your follower growth, determine your daily follower gains or losses, and even present your followers’ locations, languages, and more. It can also tell you how successful your posts are by tracking likes and comments. To top it off, Iconosquare can help you find the best hashtags for your campaign and even assist you in running Instagram contests. If you want the whole package though, be ready to shell out $990 a year.

Instagram’s rapid growth shows no signs of stopping, making it a suitable social media platform for promoting your business. But before you execute your marketing strategy, make sure that you are well prepared in managing your business’ Instagram account by having the right tools.



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